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Simple Carbs for breakfast?


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I was just wondering...I am going on a cutting diet and I am moderately sensitive to carbs. How important are simple carbs for breakfast if I am trying to cut?

And another thing...I workout about many simple carbs after I workout since it is getting later into the night?
I wouldn't eat simple carbs in the morning if you're cutting. The morning is the best time to burn fat because insulin is so low. If you eat simple carbs you make insulin present at a high rate and your body goes from burning fat to not burning it.
I'm sensitive to carbs too. If you're cutting, you shouldn't have any simple carbs at all.

How many meals are you eating per day? If you're eating 5 meals per day, only the first 2 meals should contain complex carbs. After that, only fibrous carbs from GREEN veggies.
What's your current weight?

Breakfast should be

8-14 egg whites
1 serving of grits or cream of rice
1 cup green veggies (romaine lettuce or broccoli)
olive or flax oil (1Tbsp.)

Are you cutting for contest or just to cut for summer?

I trained with Mike Francois for a few years, and this info is the diet advice he always wrote out for me. So I'm just passing the info along.
Im just cutting down for summer, my current weight is 180 current breakfast is...

Oatmeal (1/2 cup)
Whey protein shake 64g with water
410 cals
53 protein
35 carbs
6 fat
Looks good. What are your other meals like? Can you write them out?

You just want to make sure that at the times you eat, you're eating the apropriate carbs and fats.

Mike always said, "When you eat is just as important as what you eat."
So far I have this; I am shotting for right at 2400 cals a day 50/20/30 split (P/C/F)

Breakfast- previous post

Snack before lunch- 2 tsbp Natty PB
200 cal
7 pro
6 carb
18 fat

Lunch- 2 eggs, 4 egg whites
260 cal
36 pro
5 carb
8 fat

After lunch - 2 cans tuna, sweet potato
380 cal
48 pro
43 carb
4 fat

Before dinner Broccoli (90g), 5 oz chicken breast, 1 oz almonds
352 cals
39 pro
11 carb
15 fat

Dinner (PreWO) Whatever mom cooks lol ( try to eat mostly veggies and some lean meat)

PWO- ???????

Before bed - Probolic 12 hour, 2 scoops
280 cal
40 pro
10 carb
8 fat

As you can see I am missing my PWO...I really need suggestions on it since I used to rely heavily on simple carbs there
Find your BMR and that should give you a good idea where your calories should be. Find your lean body mass so that you're not taking in any extra protein that you shouldn't be. A little extra here and there is okay, but remember, every gram of protein has 4 calories.

I would rely souly on oils for your fat sources (olive oil, flax oil), and not egg yolks as in your lunch meal.

Don't forget BCAA on an empty stomach before your workout, and after your workout. This will help you keep muscle and burn fat. You can also take 5grams of L-Glutamine before and after your workout. BCAA's are very important when you're dieting. You want to keep your muscle mass while buring the fat. Don't forget multi-vitamin/multi-mineral, and 1 gallon of water each day.

Not at first, but 4 weeks or so into your diet, start doing 20 minutes of cardio after your workout (1 minute moderate and 30 seconds intense, see-sawing like that through the 20 minutes).

Your post workout meal shouldn't be any different than your regular meals. People always say to carb load after your workout, but if you're dieting, and you train in the evening, you're just adding that much more glycogen into your system that needs to be burned off when you do cardio in the morning on an empty stomach.

As a starting diet for contest, I was given this...

#1 12 egg whites
1 serving cream of rice or grits
1 Tbsp flax

#2 6 oz. chicken (1 breast)
1 serv. brown rice
1 Tbsp olive oil

#3 1 1/2 cans tuna
1/2 serving (1/2 cup) brown rice

#4 6 oz. chicken or turkey
1 cup green veggie

#5 12 egg whites
1 cup green veggie

(last meal 2 hours before bed)

I started this diet 14 weeks out from contest at 215 lbs.

Contest day I was 162.

My diet was altered somewhat as the weeks went on, but this was a great starting point.
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