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body fat

  1. M

    10 pounds cut sarms

    looking to cut down 10 pounds and looking to use sarms to help me get there. My current stats are 5’8’’ and 190 pounds. Body fat is 18%. if I can cut down 10 pounds it would get me closer to 14% I think in body fat. Which sarms will work best? I got my eye on sr9009 stenabolic so far what else.
  2. L

    bulking cycle steroids

    34 years old, 6’2’’ 190 pounds, 12% body fat. Lean with 2 pack abs. I want to bulk up about 20 pounds on my frame, don’t’ care about adding some body fat in the process. I am eating a lot of carbs/pasta/bread. Looking to use testosterone and something else to bulk. Heard equipoise is good EQ...
  3. T

    how much can you do?

    My stats are 230 pounds with 18% body fat and I’m 5’9’’ and 46 years old. My bench isn’t getting better lately I am stuck but my other lifts have improved. Right now I am doing benching at 315 for 10, shoulder pressing 3 plates for 5 and squatting 3 plates for 12 good form and all. How does...
  4. J

    help with first time diet for bodyfat loss

    Hi guys! Okay im trying to diet now.and drop the body fat as low as i can! And would.really like.some input on like carb timeing and macro nutrient breakdown and on what carb sources to use!?note im natuaral! No drugs :qt: Stats Height 184cm Weight 85.6 kg Bodyfat (i havent had this measured)...
  5. M

    what happens when you reach your goal? how to relax?

    Hi All. Love this forum! The knowledge of the members blows me away. So, can anyone relate to this? I've been working out really hard for a little over a year, have lost 11 lbs. I'm 5'1 and went from 123 lbs to 112 lbs and have packed on quite a bit of muscle. I've been able to increase my...
  6. M

    lost almost 2% body fat in 5 weeks by eating more and doing less cardio

    Just wanted to share how I feel like most women grow up and into adulthood are fed total crap about women's fitness. We're told to eat less calories, do cardio, use little pink dumbbells. It's garbage. I've been re-learning all about fitness. I went from 22% body fat 5 weeks ago to 20.2%...
  7. M

    Feedback please

    Hi All. I'm new to this forum, and have been doing a lot of research on the "right" way to do things- however I seem to find tons of conflicting information, and lots of stuff that isn't very specific. I apologize in advance if I ramble, give too much detail, or am doing something alarmingly...
  8. yunusmile

    if a skinny ecto bitch stops lifting and eating well will he look lean and muscular? i saw that picture and i was much leaner than that guy you could see my bones from my skin. so if i stop lifting and eating well (i have been force eating for more than 6 years now ) will i go back to...
  9. T

    sus 250, anodrol 25, (anastrozole 1 for help) .... Good stack

    Im trying to lean up.... Im dieting, working out hard, and have started the sus 250 once ( Advice I got was 2x week)... anastrozole once ( 1 x a week in future) and Ive taken the anadrol twice so far ( advice was 1 cap 5x weekly) . Im in my 30's and my T level was checked the other day...
  10. V

    Masteron for losing fat

    I have started adding Masteron in a cycle. I would say that my body fat wasn't very low at the moment will I completely loose the benefit of this drug due to this. Will it still help build muscle?...Will it help me burn fat? I’m aware of its ‘anti-estrogenic’ properties I was just concerned that...
  11. V

    Masteron without low body fat?

    I have started adding Masteron in a cycle. I would say that my body fat wasn't very low at the moment will I completely loose the benefit of this drug due to this. Will it still help build muscle?...Will it help me burn fat? I’m aware of its ‘anti-estrogenic’ properties I was just concerned that...
  12. A

    The question with a lot of gray area!! Lose bf and still gain.

    Now I know all the scientific babble I'm a CPT.. But its all getting too confusing with all the new studies. Cut and dry whats everyone's opinion on diet to lose bf while gaining muscle!
  13. N

    my Diet and Training .. need advice

    my stats 25yrs 6'1 238lbs about 20-21%BF im currently in afghanistan right now so i have a great amount of gym and training time..and need some advice to hit my goal while im over here till sept/oct ish im looking to cut down BF to about 15% over the next 10-12 weeks im currently on test e...
  14. W

    Getting back into shape

    Hello, I am 5'9.5", 24 and want to aim to get down to 15 % body fat, of which I am 21 % atm. I am 189 lbs (13 st 7 lbs) and wish to get down to 175 lbs (12 st 7 lbs) and to eventually end up at 182 lbs (13 st) once I have gained 7 pounds of muscle. My sleep schedule atm isnt that good, could...
  15. W

    Diet Help

    Hi Guys. im having serious issues trying to get my diet right. Age: 31 weight: 80Kg body Fat: approx 17% i am trying to put muscle on and try to reduce my body fat (the holy grail!). i have serious issues with my stomach and just cannot reduce the bloated belly look. no matter how i adjust...
  16. P

    Do I have gynocomastia or just body fat ?

    Hey, so I am only 15 years old, I've been working out for 5 months, and I have lost about 75 pounds of body fat since march 2011. I've build some muscle in my chest, but the lower part tends to keep some fat. At least this is what I trought. I've done some research and think I have gynocomastia...
  17. EveryCurve

    ~ * 12lbs+ GAINS @ 6 weeks on Anavar * ~

    Hey Ladies!!! Just wanted to share with you my joys and struggles on my 6 week check-point of running Anavar! This is my first ever cycle of absolutely any kind of AAS, and I will give you a break-down of all my stats, diet, routine, supps and then ask you trustee mods to help a sister out...
  18. cardog

    Clenbuterol Results

    Hi ladies, I just started taking clenbuterol again after some time away from it (as well as the gym). While realizing everyone is different as far as body type and workouts, I'm wondering how clen has effected you and how it has worked for you. I'm hoping a few of you can tell me how long it...
  19. E

    deca cutting?

    ok well i just finish a cycle of deca at 100mg a week for 12 weeks i gained 13lbs now i want to cut i was wondering if deca could help me cut i have no acces to any other pice of gear should i go with deca at 100mg a week or natural my BF is 13.8% the doctor checked it hight is 5'9 3/4 and i...
  20. ironwings

    Weighing in: what makes up our weight?

    To understand how you lose weight, you must first understand how the body works. Here is a quick summary of what your weight is made up of: Three components make up your body weight: water, lean tissue, and body fat. Water makes up 70% of your bodyweight. It is in your bloodstream, digestive...
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