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body fat

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    Losing body fat post cycle?

    36 5’9’’ 180 pounds 15% body fat I just did a cycle where I was doing trenbolone 400mgs a week (had to reduce the dose to 250mgs due to the sides). I also ran 250mgs of testosterone was on it for about 10 weeks and then came off and now I'm in PCT for the past 2 weeks So a weird thing is...
  2. K

    GW for fat loss

    I am looking to try gw cardarine for the first time for fat loss I’m 5’10’’ and 233 pounds with 25% body fat my thinking is 30mgs a day for 15 weeks. Do I need a pct with it? I am working out currently 5x per week and not losing weight so I need it
  3. G

    Putting things on my skin to burn fat?

    Is there such thing as fat burning away stores of body fat with a supplement cream or is that just hype that supplement companies are putting out I'm 18% body fat and struggling to lose more. A year ago I was 22%
  4. S

    sarms but no PCT

    I can afford to run a sarm cycle but I cannot afford to run a post cycle hence please don't suggest i run a PCT. And hence please give me a sarms stack that doesn't require to do a pct. My goals are to cut down. I’m 28% body fat and weigh 280 pounds
  5. P

    EQ different results?

    My buddy and I both use equipoise for 12 weeks and we had completely different results. he bulked up and got really strong on it while i look better in the mirror but I gained a few pounds. my buddy is 5 ft 10 in and he has about 12% body fat, he gained like 15 pounds I'm 5 ft 7 and I...
  6. X

    What supplements do i need with albuterol?

    I'm going to be running albuterol to help me cut some fat down I'm currently 17% body fat I want to get down under 10% I read that you shouldn't stack some supplements with it but I'm not sure if they're just trying to sell products or if they are correct
  7. S

    Competitions to enter female

    what are the best competitions I should be aiming for in the future if I want to compete my full stats are 118 lb in my body fat is 16%. I'm pretty confident I can get my body fat lower I'm just not sure what competition I should be signing up for. Can you give me some tips on how it all...
  8. M

    best way to use Trenbolone

    I wanted to take a little pole and see what is the best way to use Trenbolone if my goals are to lose body fat and get lean I don't care about gaining any strength or mass that's not really the way I train anyway so it doesn't matter I'm 27 years old 5 ft 9 in 186 pounds
  9. D

    Using DNP low dose

    I’m looking to lose some fat and want to use DNP female I’m 5’8’’ 144 pounds Not sure on body fat but i need to lose about 25 pounds What is the best way to lose this excess fat on my body and how do i use DNP to help me get there? I know the dangers but i am desperate because i am...
  10. B

    Best way to run tren

    6’1’’ 195 pounds 12% body fat I’m interested in trying out trenbolone What is the best way to run it? I’m looking for the least amount of sides possible This is my first time thinking about using it I want to recomp put on some size and also keep body fat as low as possible
  11. H

    Having a hard time improving need sarms

    I've been natural all my life and I've hit a wall I'm looking to get more definition and get my body fat down I'm 5 foot 7 in and a chubby 220 lb don't know my body fat but I would imagine it's high don't want to use steroids yet I'm not ready for that, but I want to use sarms which...
  12. H

    out of options for steroids

    what do you do when you have ran just about every steroid imaginable and then you cannot decide what to run next? Well for me I come on here and start a thread lol. I would love to hear some opinions on what I should do next. I’m 44 6’1’’ 199 pounds 8% body fat I have a 6 pack...
  13. L

    Just turned 40 looking for an edge sarms

    so what is the deal with sarms and how it can benefit me now. I am in my 40s. You guys recommended it and say it's good for good results. or should I 4 go them and try for steroids instead. I want to take things to the next level I'm 9% body fat and want to build some good quality muscle and...
  14. 4

    Sarms recomping cycle

    41 yrs. I am over six foot tall and 195 lb. I want to add muscle to my frame but I also want to cut down my body fat at the same time. I have used steroids and I always seem to gain size but never lose fat. I'm currently 14 per cent and want to get down to 10%.
  15. D

    Military fat guy

    hey guys I am in the military overseas in a small country in the middle of the desert. I am almost 40% body fat and over 300 lb. I eat in a military chow hall and the food here is horrible, it's all fried food and cheap. We do have access to some things like fish and vegetables, fruit, and...
  16. C

    Olive oil facts

    I'm currently at 9% body fat and I want to cut down while also adding some lean muscle mass to my frame. I have a very clean diet and I eat about 4 to 5 meals a day. I have been cooking my own food and this has been helping me shred down, my question is how much olive oil do you guys recommend...
  17. R

    Need some help with sarms

    five foot six 195 lb 45 years old never use steroids always been natural. But I'm looking to increase my goals and lose some body fat while also not losing muscle. Basically right now I'm training three to four times a week and I want to increase my work load up to maybe 5 or 6 times a week and...
  18. R

    Can't get below 15% body fat

    Although my next cycle I plan on bulking I still want to lose some fat before starting. The problem is I've tried sarms and steroids and still struggle to get below 15% which is my floor. I know diet is #1 so can you make any suggestions to what I can do to finally get through this barrier?
  19. D

    Cutting program for the next 12 weeks

    hello I will be following the fasting protocol that's been recommended by Steve where you do every other day eating. So I'm going to be doing fasting on day one, then eating three meals on day two back and forth. I was wondering which sarms you'd recommend during this. I also will be working out...
  20. C

    Beginner sarm cycle

    hello, I have been training for the past 10 years off and on. I am 35 years old and I weigh 156 lb, the last time I check my body fat was around 15% which is a little high. My goals are lean gains and some fat loss. at this point I'll admit I'm confused reading a lot of conflicting information...
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