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  1. L

    Strength sarms stack

    What do you think about this strength stack sarms? I’m 5’6’’ Currently benching 280 pounds at 158 pounds My goal is to do 3 plates Would s23 and rad140 be the ones to look at doing and would sr9009 be of any help to me or just the waste of time
  2. B

    Olympic lift ratios

    I started lifting with a guy at the gym and he was ranting about lifting ratios and how you should be squatting and benching a certain ratio to each other otherwise you'll create body and balances do you guys believe in this Theory or is it just him blowing smoke up everyone's butts
  3. K

    Best first Trenbolone cycle

    I have a few Cycles under my belt and I think I'm ready to run Trenbolone right now I am speaking when it comes to strength and size I’m 5’11’’ 212 pounds I am benching around 300 pounds. my goals are to get bigger and also stronger but I don't want to put on fat for a first...
  4. J

    Progress has stalled

    I'm only 22 years old and already my progress has stalled in the weight room. I'm up to 15 Stone which is about 100 kg. My chest is 49 in I think I'm pretty big for someone my age but where do I have to go from here? I was benching 300 lbs at 20 years old. And now I'm up to 325 2 years later. Is...
  5. O

    Do you ever correct others at the gym?

    I don't understand why it's considered bad etiquette these days to correct others when they have bad form at the gym. Today a couple younger guys were benching , I have seen them before and they try really hard but they have extremely bad form and don't understand what they're doing. Wouldn't...
  6. B

    floor pressing good?

    It seems like floor pressing is something that we should be doing. After all isn’t that more natural and safe then using benches and then risking injury if the weight comes down and you twist your shoulder or elbows? I never see people doing them at the gym but looks fun to do. Anyone try...
  7. T

    how much can you do?

    My stats are 230 pounds with 18% body fat and I’m 5’9’’ and 46 years old. My bench isn’t getting better lately I am stuck but my other lifts have improved. Right now I am doing benching at 315 for 10, shoulder pressing 3 plates for 5 and squatting 3 plates for 12 good form and all. How does...
  8. MetalMilitiaBabe

    Bench Press team trains using Needtobuildmuscle designer products

    Yes I am not only a NPC National bodybuilder, but am an elite bencher as well. My curiosity was just how strong you can get on Needto products. I would like to talk about the strength and size gains I have seen with some of our team members. In particular we have two women and two men I am...
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