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beginner cycle

  1. Uranium96

    Beginner Questions

    Hi guys, i'm happy to be here, because the topics discussed in this forum are a complete taboo where i live (at least, i've never finded someone that was willing to talk about "gym helper"). As you can imagine from my nickname, i'm 27yrs old. Height: 1.91m Weight: 155Kg (most of them are Body...
  2. M

    D-bol beginners?

    So I've been doing research on the pink dianabol oral octogon shape with the snake printer on it, would like to know everything about it before I even think about using it. Never done any type of roids I'm still learning so don't be quick to judge me and just say I don't know sh*t about it and...
  3. A

    BEGINNER - About to Start Anavar & Clen Cycle

    Hi There, New to this forum and this is my first post, so please please forgive me if I may sound like a complete rookie and / or missing important details WHICH I WILL FIND OUT once someone here advises me to. Brief History: Male, 26 years of age, going on 27 next month. My maximum weight...
  4. K

    First Cycle Advice Please

    Hey guys just hoping for a bit of advice on my first cycle. I'll just leave my stats here first before I'm asked for them. Age: 23 Height: 6'0 Weight: 191-193 lbs BF: 8-10% Been training properly for 7 years so i've decided to take the jump to the dark side along with my training partner. I'm...
  5. C

    Advice needed for beginner cycle for crossfit

    Hi all, long time lurker first time poster. I'm just hoping to get some advice on doing a beginner cycle for crossfit as I would like to take my training to the next level. I train on average 6 times a week, sometimes twice a day. I do crossfit out of enjoyment and would just like to become...
  6. J


    Can I just do a basic pct with aromasin:confused:
  7. G


    Quick stats, I'm 19, about 175 lbs, I'm 6 foot 2, and my bf% is around 14%, I'm looking to run a course of injections, thinking just test e, for around ten weeks, don't want to go crazy for my first cycle and fuck myself up. However I'm wondering whether there would be any better options, I'm...
  8. K

    Need advice on starting a cycle...

    Hey everyone I'm new to the forums and looking for some advice. Just graduated high school after playing rugby for all four years. Earlier my senior year I was 6'2" hanging around 225-230 pounds just around 10%bf. Strength training was a major part of rugby and was able to put up decent...
  9. B

    Starting OH-C21 course

    I've been on a 6 month hyatus because of a severe knee injury (i.e. bed ridden) and have gotten a little flabby; having been in great shape my whole adult life, this is an issue lol I'm back at the gym now for a few weeks and am starting up an OH-C21 course. I've heard great things about it...
  10. C

    really curious

    im thinking about starting a cycle.. been looking around and asking questions.. than i found this forum.. ill leave it open... pros and cons of roids.. also what should i look for in a good cycle to start? thanks guys
  11. B

    Advice on cycle!

    Stats: age 24 height 6 foot weight 230 Cycle history: dbol 25mg a day Hello bro's im new to this forum so im still trying to figure out everything. I would just like some advice to a second cycle to build mass and a lot of strengh while cutting some fat. I know my first cycle is garbage but i...
  12. M

    Help selecting my 1st cycle source!

    Hey brah's. With research, I've came to the conclusion that my first cycle on actual gear is going to be one of the following three: Stanozolol (10mg) Hubei - Oracl Cycle Length: 4 Weeks : Dosing : 20/30/30/20 Anavar (10mg) Hubei - Oral Cycle Length: 4 Weeks : Dosing : 20/30/30/20...
  13. C

    21 year old begginer...HELP!!

    Hi, I just turned 21 yesterday and was thinking of taking steroids, the only source I have of getting them is through my brother. because of money, i currently can only get Dianabol and only that. I have been training for about 4 years now and i weigh 210lb. and i am 5'7. my BF is probably...
  14. J

    First testosterone enanthate cycle, QUESTIONS

    First test e cycle. QUESTIONS Stats: Age: 19 Height: 183cm (6ft) Weight: 205lbs Bodyfat: 16% Training for 4 years Diet: Around 4000 cal Supplements: Creatine, BCAA (xtend) This is my first and probably the only cycle i'm going to do (testosterone enanthate), and hopefully it will give me a...
  15. J

    Testosterone enanthate only cycle, IMPORTANT QUESTIONS!

    Stats: Age: 19 Height: 183cm (6ft) Weight: 205lbs Bodyfat: 16% Training for 4 years Diet: Around 4000 cal Supplements: Creatine, BCAA (xtend) This is my first and probably the only cycle i'm going to do (testosterone enanthate), and hopefully it will give me a good boost to get closer to my...
  16. D

    First Cycle -Need Advice-

    Ok I am 20 Years Old I have been bodybuilding for 3 years and I can't get anymore results, not even by increasing Calories or by changing my routine or Diet, I really wouldn't want to Consider using Steroids, but it is an Alternative because I really want to keep Growing, These are my Stats...
  17. T

    First Cycle- would like some advice from people with experince

    Hi Guys This is my first post, and i'm really excited to be part of this new community. there are alot of people with alot of experience on this board and i would like to borrow some knowledge from all of you :). I am 23 years old, i've been training pretty hard for about 5 years now, mostly...
  18. R

    Starting a second cycle...

    Okay my last post was a little misunderstood. 21 years old, 6 ft two inches, 12 and a half stone, Last cycle was anadrol50mg, 1 tab a day first week, 2 tab a day second... i worked every second night through the two weeks as i normally would one night of working in the gym(squats (80KG...
  19. S

    Beginning Cycle Input Please

    What do you think of this: Start with 500mg test prop to see reaction.If OK: wk 1-10: 500 test enan per wk quarter tab Fincar per day quarter tab Arimidex every other day 1 tab Clomid evry other day 320mg Saw Palmetto Extract wk 11: 300mg test enan. Same other stuff as above. wk 12 200mg test...
  20. A

    24 years with prog needs ur helpe

    hello guys i,m not that new for this but i stoped for years & i,m already stated back 2 weeks ago now i wann ur needed advice af friend of mine gave me this prog as a beginner and he said just for one month....what do u think? day1 chest & triceps *BENCH PRESS. 5 SETS OF 8 REPS *FLYES...
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