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    All in One supplement

    I have been working with a personal trainer at the gym who suggested I take several different supplements. He wrote down a bunch of names and said to go to the Vitamin Shoppe and ask them for this. He said that I need a vitamin, BCAA, creatine, and whey protein. He said either get this or he...
  2. 5

    Do BCAA’s replace my food intake?

    I am honestly just the college student without much money to buy food and I'm honestly too lazy to cook on my own. would it make any sense to supplement my food intake and just consume BCAAs all day to get my necessary protein in nutrition? Seems like on social media everyone pushes them and...
  3. C

    first supplement you take daily

    Hey I was wondering what Is the very first supplement you take in the morning when you first wake up? Should it be whey protein since you are sleeping all night and catabolic? Or should I be taking things like creatine or bcaa’s to help me grow more muscle. Right now I am using all of the...
  4. D

    Good Intra-Workout/BCAA supplements?

    Hey everybody, I'm new here, and I just wanted to get some input about intra-workout supplements and BCAAs. I've been taking MPR Aminos during my workouts, and I like them a lot because they don't have a lot of the extra additives that other supps do.... But I'm looking for something new here...
  5. J

    Glutamine and BCAA in my whay/Casein

    Hey EF. I have a question i hope you can answer for me. I just got my Whey and Casein Protein today. Also i got L-Glutamine and BCAA. But both my whey and casein contains BCAA and glutamine and other amino acids. So should i run BCAA and Glutamine with my whey and casein. Or will i get enough...
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    small frame and bcaa's- dose?

    Hello everyone, I've been reading a bucket of posts and articles on bcaa's and glutamine too. I'm 5'2" and weigh 118. I've been working out for 5 years with weights and cardio. I've done p90x and p90x doubles a bunch of times. I'm doing insanity right now to get get back into exercise after a...
  7. future

    BCAA, EEA, Glutamine Use

    by Iron Addict GEAR Search Results : Orbit Nutrition Glutamine 1000G Search Results : Orbit Nutrition Search Results : Orbit Nutrition Creatine MH 1000
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    My supplement stacks

    So heres my cocktail....any critiques? Morning Amino or BCAA Glutamine Creatine Fish or Krill oil CLA Evening Amino or BCAA Glutamine Creatine CLA ZMA Anything I should add? -J :coffee:
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    I bought 500g of the stuff a few months back, mixed some in with my shake and gagged so bad on it that i couldn't drink it. It put me off it and it went straight to the back of my supp cupboard. But now that im cutting, i need to start taking them again. They mix like shit in cold water, but not...
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