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  1. J

    TBol help

    Hello fellow bodybuilders, First to give you my stats- I am 6 feet tall, 180 lbs with around 10%BF Bench- 225 lb for 8 reps Squat- 225 lb for 10 reps I am looking to start a Turinabol only cycle in a few days here. I have 100 pills of oral Turinabol (TBOL) 25mg/pill I was thinking of...
  2. L

    Aborting cycle help!

    I'm 21 and just started my first cycle of test enenthate and tbol this week. My second injection will be tomorrow. I have also taken 4 30 mg tablets of tbol in addition to 1 shot of 250 mg test enenthate. After seeking some advice, I have been advised that I am too young and was looking how to...
  3. Lou Super Man 123

    After that much... What would you do different now?

    As you may guess I ask this mostly in terms of Anabolic Steroids cycles but let's include Nutrition and Workouts. What has been your biggest mistake and what would you do different if you could? I will start... I haven't do any cycle because I cannot afford NTBM ancillaries so I cannot speak...
  4. M

    Testo E 500 mg E5D - Major setback

    Hey peeps! :D Please read my bible, would be much appreciated! So, for about four weeks I've been on Testosterone Enanthate 500 mgs every 5 days. Everything was going really good, started to see some gains, strength building up nicely and my libido was through the roof.:qt: Anyhow, last weekend...
  5. M

    First time user stanazolol. proffesional help needed please

    hey you going guyz! Male 21 5 foot 3 inches 178.5 pounds ive lost 44 pounds in the past 9 months and my weight loss has sudenlly stop its getting really hard so im thinkiing to use stanazolol. i need to drop another 20-22 pounds. its my first time using the injection i just want to know for me...
  6. S

    anavar/turinabol stack

    has anyone here done an anavar/turinabol/test cycle. if so, any pointers? im looking to get leaner for this upcoming swim season. i was thinking taking test enanthate along with 30 mg of tbol and 30mg of anavar along with 1 gram of milk thistle a day. any advice on this cycle from people who...
  7. P

    Thoughts?? Test 400, Equipoise, Anavar, Proviron

    Hey I'm starting a cycle soon off Test 400, Equipoise, Anavar and Proviron and wanted to know what you guys think? if I should change it around add something or remove something etc etc. Thanks these are the steroids that i will be taking: Casablanca Quadoject 400: Casablanca Boldoject 200...
  8. F

    Can i use test prop alone for a cycle

    25 6'2" 245 Was fit in school and let it get away from me. Ive always been strong and just recently changed my entire lifestyle. Eating clean and training 6 times a week for about 4 months now. Ive lost 22 lbs and have gained a ton of definition. Friend of mine is starting his 5th cycle...
  9. H

    Test E, Deca, Winny

    Stats- Age- 23 Weight- 200 Height- 6.3 BF- 12% BMI- 24.5% 2nd cycle. Training- 3 years consistent training Supps- Karbolyn, casein protein, whey protein, BCAA. Diet- Morning- cup of oatmeal, one whole egg and 2 egg whites Snack- giant natural peanut butter/jelly and fruit Lunch- turkey, lean...
  10. U

    My 5th cycle want to cut some fat

    Hi everyone first scuse for my english. Its my 5th cycle My first sustanon (always test first cycle lol ) Second: tbol Third: wins tren ace 4: eq sust winstrol My stats is: 180cm 240lbs im like 17 % fat I have 22 years old i know im too young etc but this is what i want. I start...
  11. kravmaga02

    ostarine /s-4 stack log

    I figured I would log my results with this stack so here it is. I just started a few days ago so I've yet to see any crazy results but I have noticed a few things. My stats: height: 6 weight: 220 lbs % bf: ? between 12-15 not really sure I don't have calipers I my goal here is to...
  12. V

    Need A Gym Partner In Las Vegas!

    Don't really need a trainer, just a gym partner. You can lift with me for free in North Las Vegas at a pretty Bad Ass gym, I just need someone around my stats if not higher to help me out. Also, with some supplement advice. I'm a little undereducated when it comes to hormonal supps. Wasn't...
  13. M


    Hey guys. My name is Neil and I am 30 years old, 180lbs and have been training from past 4 years. I am new to this forum :artist: so wanted to get some advice/suggestions from you as most of you are more experienced than me. Supplements I use BCAA L-CARNITINE CREATINE YOHIMBE GREEN TEA EXTRACT...
  14. S

    Help needed

    I'm a wrestler wanting to Get ripped/bigger while keeping my speed and agility or gaining more at that, this will be my first cycle ever so I need good advice, thank you.
  15. S

    Help me reach my goal!

    Hello everyone, I'm new to the forums so let me introduce myself: I'm 23 going on 24, height 5'09" (175cm), 177lbs (80kg), 8% body fat, been training for about 6 months now, not my first time lifting used to lift for 2 years non-stop (from age of 19-21) had to stop lifting due to a motorcycle...
  16. M

    I know nothing. Someone give me a complete plan please.

    Ok, so I don't know anything about anabolic steroids besides they do the damn job. I know theres a tonnn of different kinds so i dont know where to begin. Im 25, 6'1, 195lbs. I really dont understand where the hell people get them either. If someone could help me out there thatd be great. I just...
  17. jahraffa

    What do ya think

    What up peeps Well im three weeks off from starting my first cycle of sust 250 for 10weeks an I want to make sure ive got everything covered OCT/PCT so here it goes.. my stats age 28 186 lbs 5"11 wk 1-10 sust wk 6-10 Hcgenerate il be running forma stanzol right thru cycle and thru pct 5...
  18. AviSCAR

    Need Advice, Good Stack?

    12 weeks Sust 500 mg weeks 1 & 2 750 mg weeks 3-9 500 mg weeks 9-12( two equal injections weekly) Deca 400 mg weekly D-Bol 20 mg week 1 30 mg week 2 40 mg week 3 50 mg week 4 60 mg week 5 50 mg week 6 40 mg week 7 30 mg week 8 20 mg week 9 20 mg week 10 Anastrozol .25 mg EOD...
  19. I

    Why do people take such high dose of juice????? MUST READ!!!!

    Im very curious to know why do so many guys take massive amounts of juice.. I mean there are so many people now days running over a gram of shit to get results, like: 700mg test 600mg deca 800mg eq 50mg dbol.. That is an average what most people would run, thats the way i see it in many...
  20. T

    Do you guys feel guilty/ashamed on cycle??

    On my cycle of sustanon250 and anavar, i felt really guilty and ashamed of myself for cheating to get bigger and stronger and i always told myself why not work hard naturally so i can be proud of my results, im not gonna lie i had good results during my cycle but then i was thinking to myself...
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