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  • Hey, I just gotta drop this on ya, whenever you pop into my head... its cate blanchett...
    The associations in my head... weird. I know.
    Have a good Monday sage.
    okay the sage has spoken, but clearly I'm not getting the message.
    I do too, and they like me.
    I find it hard to believe pb has any disdain for ya.
    Bust working and making some life changes.
    Good stuff.
    Found the right doctor, finally making good progress.


    Thanks for asking Chris :)
    You hit it on the head, Wild Horses could not be anymore you.
    I feel that.
    Heretic, I know U mean that in a good way V.
    -Actually, I don't know, just hopin so-
    Reminds me of your thought train.
    Through such impressions one gathers oneself, wins oneself back from the exacting multiplicity, which speaks and chatters there (and how talkative it is!), and one slowly learns to recognize the very few Things in which something eternal endures that one can love and something solitary that one can gently take part in.
    I have not heard form this wise voice in ages...
    Ya been kicking ass Interior Design Wise?
    Just wanted to give one of the mentors I dig on the most with mad respect a shout out.
    If it wasn't for your support, I would've been audi5000 long ago.
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