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Any seafood to avoid?

Welcome to the EliteFitness.com Bodybuilding Site! Please join this discussion about Any seafood to avoid? within the Diet & Bodybuilding category.

Excerpt: I wanted to know what seafood is not very good for our health. Is oysters healthy? Or crab?

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    Any seafood to avoid?

    I wanted to know what seafood is not very good for our health. Is oysters healthy? Or crab?

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    Moderator SteveMobsterG's Avatar
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    Re: Any seafood to avoid?

    They're all fine. The problem is, in a LOT of cases, bad preparation and really bad keeping them chilled. In other words some foods can be a tiny less than fresh and you'll be ok. With seafood off is off.

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    Re: Any seafood to avoid?

    the problem with seafood is where it comes from

    most shrimp comes from Asia and are farmed.. legally they can lie and put down "gulf shrimp" and make it seem like it came from the gulf of mexico

    same with fish.. salmon is always going to be farmed.. even if they claim wild. there are a lot of loopholes in the seafood industry.

    farm raised fish come from aquariums or actual farms... even saltwater fish are being farmed. if you ever flown to south america you may have seen the farms offshore, they are essentially huge cages in the ocean that keep the fish enclosed and they feed them slop and hormones so they grow
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    Re: Any seafood to avoid?

    You want to avoid farm raised fish like the plague. It's produced in over populated fish farms where the fish are literally living in their own shit. The fish are also fed GMO corn and soy because it's cheap. Farm raised fish has a very low omega 3 content.

    As long as the fish is wild caught - it's good to go

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    Re: Any seafood to avoid?

    Have to be careful where it comes from.

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    Pro Bodybuilder Macedog24's Avatar
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    Re: Any seafood to avoid?

    Every couple years i have a friend who goes on vacation to alaska for a week long fishing trip.
    Half the week is king salmon the other half is halibut!
    Talk about fresh ! They should be going again soon.
    Last time i was given a 10-15 lb halibut steak.

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