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Will N2Sleep leave you KO?


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I have some sleep issues, so I ordered N2Sleep because I see that people recommend it so well here. One thing I forgot to ask before – if I will take it, will I be able to wake up at night? I mean, does it leave you KO no matter what, or you can still wake up and stuff like that?
You can surely wake up and go to toilet, or be aware if something happens. It makes falling asleep easier, and it improves the quality of your sleep. But it does not leave you unconscious. So have no worries. My wife takes it regularly, and she never ever had such problems.
N2sleep is a natural sleep aid. It's not a prescription sleep aid.

No herbal sleep aid will knock you out. Only prescription drugs will do that.

N2sleep will just calm you and relax you. You won't be sleeping so deep that you pee the bed or anything like that.
The best thing to do is get to the route cause of the sleep issues and correct them.

As for N2Sleep, 2 caps a half hour or so before bed is what I find helps. It will not have you feeling groggy in the AM. It is a natural product and contains a low dose of melatonin.
Just got my N2Sleep - now the question is - how do you best take it and use it? How much is too much?

Start off with just 1 capsule. Even though the reopened dosage is 2, most people only need just 1.

Take 1 capsules 30-45 minutes before you plan on going to bed.
I usually use 1-2 caps in the evening - this gets me relaxed, and I fall asleep easily. My wife, who has sleeping problems, will take another 1-2 caps a couple of hours before sleeping. In any case, I would not exceed 4 caps per day, not like it is needed by anybody.
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