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which cycle did you have the most fun on?

tough question I would say I've never had super fun on a cycle it's always been hard work
i would say that my most fun was my contest prep
i ran about 10 different things. 6 steroids + lots of hgh and more
I’m wondering what is the cycle that you had the most fun on in your life?
I’m talking about going to the gym and really smashing the weight and really enjoying yourself and not dealing with side effects and not dealing with things like dehydration or feeling moody or anything like that
if it has test and tren I good to go
I will have to get back to u on this since I haven't used many compounds yet, for the simple answer anything para pharma from I know for a fact will be lights out good
Test 650mg p/w
Deca 250mg p/w
Tren 250mg p/w
DHB 500mg p/w
Masteron 250mg p/w
Anadrol 50mg p/d
Proviron 50mg p/d
Caber 0.5mg p/w

Using that amount of gear was absolutely insane. It was impossible to eat enough to keep up for proper growth and I had to use strong sleeping tablets. It was fun up to week 5 and it began to effect my mental health and it actually made me quite ill.
I had to cruise for 6 months before my body and mind were healthy again.
But it was wild at the beginning!!
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