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Water: To Drink or Not to Drink


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Chairman Member
We have all head, “You need to drink more water”, haven’t we? Well, as it turns out, proper hydration is not only great for maintaining a proper balance of body fluids, it can also help to reduce your chances of Chronic Diseases, Premature Mortality and reduce Biological Aging compared to Chronological Aging.
A study published in eBioMedicine,, ) found people with poor hydration will have elevated Serum Sodium levels. It states that with a level >142 mmol/l you have a 39% greater chance to develop a Chronic Illness. >144 mmol/l you have a 21% greater risk of Premature Mortality. If your level was >142 mmol/l you are also likely present as older than your chronological age.
Water is so important in our daily routines. Do not pass it up. We stress our bodies and push them to and beyond their limits frequently, so take advantage of this simple step and drink more water.
i drink water and a lot of it, its good for you
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