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Vageta's Pics inside...


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I've been promising to put up some recent pics for awhile so I finally got around to it. There was a thread on the diet board asking which of us started out fat so I said I'd get some pics taken to prove that I was. I wasn't fat in high school, in fact I was quite lean, but time and laziness caught up with me as you'll soon see. These pics are about 2 years apart just for reference. I'm not ripped by any means(not yet) but I know the results will speak for themselves.

First the before pics:

Fat boy.
My love handles.

Now pics as of today:

Side pose.
Rear double bicep.
Rear lat spread.
Front double bicep.

For reference I am 6' tall and in the before pics I am 248 pounds. In the after pics I am 208 pounds(as of this morning). I don't know what my bodyfat was before nor do I care to guess. I also don't know what my bodyfat is in the newer pics though I'm guessing(hoping) it's </=12%. I'd appreciate any input as to what you guys think it may be. The skinfold measurements always put me lower than I know I am.

Even know these are 2 years apart I actually was in similar shape a year ago. Due to a sudden onset of infectious colitis I lost 30 pounds, mostly muscle, and was hospitalized for a week. I was put on prednisone and ended up gaining all of those 30 pounds and more back and this time it was a lot of fat. It took quite awhile to regain my health but I finally did and thankfully I'm stronger and leaner than ever.

My AS experience thus far has only been 2 cycles, one of Ox only and one transdermal Fina with Ox thrown in the final week of the Fina to extend it. I am still currently using Ox right now as I diet down for the summer. Both cycles have been diet cycles so I have not yet bulked. Amazingly my arms are a full inch bigger now than they were in the before pics and I am much leaner as well so muscle wise I've gained over an inch. I simply cannot wait to bulk for my first time this fall.

At any rate I currently engage in 2 refeeds per week as stated in my diet(posted on the diet board). I posted these mainly to prove a point that you don't have to be naturally lean to get and/or stay lean, especially when employing refeeds to help lower your bodyfat setpoint. As you can see I was anything but lean 2 years ago but now I'm doing pretty well and it is very easy to maintain it when I wish to. I have about 7-8 weeks left on my diet and I hope to reach about 8% bodyfat. Not sure where I'm at now but I think it's within my power to do it. After I hit my goal I plan on keeping it the rest of the summer to ensure my body reaches homeostasis then I will begin "light bulking" over the fall.

I'd appreciate any comments about my physique, both good or bad as I can take criticism very well :p Also I apologize for cutting some of my calves off, my wife had a hard time with the camera. I'm sure you can tell though I'm not hiding them as they are one of my better features.
Great transformation...I think it's time to do a test based cycle....with the proper diet and training you could put on some serious lbs......
gilly hit it on the head. test is best! nice transformation. i'll be losing my nasty handles soon too. exept mine will have some pharmacutical assistance:D
Transdermal fina worked out pretty well. I am open about my AS use with my wife and she wasn't ready for me to do injection yet. I complied with her wishes and we agreed if the transdermal went well then in the future I could do injection. Transdermally at about 87.5-100mg daily I got good results with basically no sides. It felt about like what 40mg of Ox feels like. I dieted the complete 7 weeks I used it and my weight remained consitant for the most part yet my strength went up as did my size. It seemed to stall towards the end as far as size gains though I continued to get stronger even while dieting.

I started spanish generic Ox on my final week of Fina to carry over and now this is my third week on Ox. So far strength is still going up and I'm just leaning out now. Started T3 at 12.5mcg(staying at this dose the whole time), Lipoderm-Y and L-dex all 3 weeks ago at the same time as the Ox. I stopped lipoderm this week to see my results and let water retention go down and I will say I'm impressed as I've noticed more definition. Also my weight while on Fina was pretty steady at about 214 and these last 3 weeks I've went down to 208.

Not sure exactly what did what since I have so much going on but it could be that Fina made me retain more water. However I'm inclined to think that the Ox is better at ridding fat stores especially combined with the other ancillary drugs I added. Cool part is that I've been dieting for like 10 weeks but due to my refeeds I don't feel burnt out yet. I feel like the next 7-8 weeks won't be hard to complete and I'm hoping to hit my goal of 8% or less and keep it all summer till I bulk.
Heh I think my head was just fat before so it looked round. I lost most of the fat around neck and cheeks so they don't look so round. My hair color and length are drastically different as well so it probably make it look more pronounced.
Yep I can't wait to bulk for my first time. I really think I'm gonna get some awesome results as I seem to be able to put on muscle fairly easy. Of course my biggest thing will be to watch my fat gain while bulking and most likely track my progress with calipers. I'll put a limit on allowed fat gain and once I hit it I'll stop.
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