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Tren e and test 450 pct

Not good man. You jumped into this way too soon. If you start to get side effects how will you know what it is? You haven't used test or tren before so how will you know what to do? I bet you aren't even using proper supports like an AI, an anti-prolactin drug, or N2Guard for your organs and cholesterol.

Get blood work and get back to us with how fucked up everything is.

I would get off everything and PCT to be honest. If you cant make gains enough to be ready for summer when you are 20 then your diet and training are completely wrong.

im running a course on tren ace, masteron and eq and im running it with an experienced bodybuilder who is teaching me how to run it safely and deal with the sides.........i know crooksy in real life so if he were experiencing any sides i could prob help him with them in regards to what to take, this is only my second 1st was 12 weeks on test 450 running 450mg per week.
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