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training for the last 6 months and sarms

Dylan has you completely covered on this with his amazing information! For the best quality make sure to check out Umbrella Labs!!
I’ve been training hard for the last six months and not getting enough progress.
I’m eating plenty of protein getting at least, 300 grams per day.
I’m also working with a personal trainer who’s getting my workouts one hour a day solid.
I should be gaining more but I feel like I need to use something with it.
I’m 22 years old. 5 foot 11 inches, 145 pounds.
Would you recommend rad140, s23 and yk11? I want GROWTH
You are very light for your height. In my avatar I am 165lbs at 5'11" and 2 weeks out from a show so super lean.
6 months is a very short time. This is a long process. What exactly are you eating and what does your training split look like?
You can take all the drugs you want but if your not eating enough you aren't gonna grow.
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