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The Finished Product - Completed Madcow2 Program.


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Well I have to admit that I really enjoyed the program recommended by Madcow2, I wish I'd heard about it before. I should let you guys know that I did finish 1 week early because I just cant afford to bulk anymore financially and school is starting to get a little more hectic. My diet pretty much consisted of tuna, protein shakes, cottage cheese, bread, ANPB, Potatoes...and cafe. I could have eaten a lot better had I been at home, but here i didnt have the luxury of having steak and chicken breast everynight. Anyhow, I naked weight when I began was 213 lbs (in some of my earlier posts i said i was 215, but that was with all my crap on) and have arrived at a finishing weight of 234.5 lbs. I am 6'1.5. I have never experience strength or size gains like i did with this program...and I have to admit, I was kinda skeptical atfirst because it went against everything i'd learned earlier...but, before this, my bench was weak, squat was weak, dl was weak, everything was weak. Now, everything is respectable:
Bench: 180 -> 235
Squat : 245 -> 325
DL: Same as Squat
Incline: 115 ->185
Chins: I can do them with ease now, despite the fact that it was harder for me at a lesser weight.
Rows: 185-> 245

I measured myself today, and damn was i surprise with what I saw. My arms went from 16 inches to 17 (cold)...and i got the stetch marks to prove it! My traps have increased tremendously...normally its hard to notice differences with yourself, but the change is so significant that i can see it myself. I didnt measure my legs before hand, but now they are 27.5-28 inches. Chest is up from 43 inches to 45.5 inches. Forearms are up from 13 inches to 13.5.

So overall, it was pretty successful. I put in the time and consider the circumstances with me having a crappy diet most of the way through (becaus i'm in residence), I did alright...I did gain some fat, but that comes with the prize as always.

Anyways, I just thought I'd share that with you all. Madcow2, props to you bro...I'd give ya more karma, but it says i have to spread it :rolleyes: I am definitely going to use this method of training from now. I just hope it works well with a cutting cycle...speaking of which, Madcow2, do you have any advice for that?
What are these numbers for in terms of reps? Did you run the 3x per week intensity phase or the 2x per week?

You could carry on with week 9 without eating like an ogre and if time is an issue you could spread your week 9 over a week and a half but awesome results already for an 8-week investment. Congrats.
I ran the 3x per week program. Reps i Started with 5x5 and worked down to 3x3. I could go and complete the whole thing, but exams are coming up, i dont know if i have as much time to bulk. I dunno, maybe ill try pulling it off. I kinda wanna shed some fat so i can reveal my hardwork.
i been on my own program for a month now and have added almost 65lbs to my bench alone..sounds to me you had the drive and good form in the gym..a workout routin or program is nothing more than a bunch of numbers and these items push the weight for can lift weights in any form and get results if you have the above mentioned and the genetics..just remember its all about frequency, load (weight), resistance, rest and diet
nice work ceasar..i would continue with this routine regardless if you can afford to bulk or not.. the strength gains that you continue to make will help you down the road when you can get on a better diet..besides im sure youll still be able to gain just not as quickly sa before
great work bro. you're rowing a hellava lot of weight. now i'm even more pissed that i couldn't finish the program properly.

one thing i can say is, work that DL!
Nice work man. Solid progress all around. As for the final week(s), Don't worry about your diet, if you have some time just spread it out and train. With the 3x per week intensity even getting in 1-2x per week will get you another 2 weeks of strength accrual which will either translate into size now or later in your next training cycle. Hell even 1x per week give you a nice break from the books and your strength will peak out nicely.

As for running it in cutting mode, it works great under deficit. Under mild-moderate deficit conditions many have still made gains in LBM as long as they didn't begin ultra lean. Strength gains will likely show up regardless unless you are living the Auschwitz diet. I will throw out my favorite fat burner as an interval sprinting program (or anything interval if sprinting isn't an option). Just basic stuff is fine.

Again, nice work and good luck on your exams.
Ceasar, Did you do any accessory work as well? Did you fit in any arm and calf work for example? I'm just curious because I'm gonna try this routine in a few weeks and I want to know if I should do some accessory work.
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