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Dr. Field Farrar has created a [URL=""]test accelerator[/URL] using trial and error methodology. He and his staff came up with 20 different test enhancement formulas and determined that formula number 17 produced the biggest increases in test production. The name [URL=""]Test Stack 17[/URL] comes from Dr. Farrar's 17th formulation being the most effective 'stack' of nutraceuticals that the doctor decided to test - hence the name "[URL=""]Test Stack 17[/URL]". The rest is history - the formula can only be made in small quantities due to the rare and highly expensive compounds used in the formulation. And as a result, demand exceeds supply and each batch sells out almost immediately.​

[URL=""]Test Stack No.17[/URL] contains the most state-of-the-art ingredients available today, this [URL=""]testosterone booster[/URL] will dramatically raise your [URL=""]testosterone[/URL] level while lowering your estrogen level. Not only that but it takes your libido through the roof too.​

Here are the 12 ingredients in [URL=""]Test Stack No.17[/URL]:​

#1 Cnidium Monnieri​

Cnidium is known as a [URL=""]testosterone accelerator[/URL] and a pro-erectile agent and with good reason. It essentially does what erectile dysfunction drugs do – it increase your nitric oxide production and it’s your nitric oxide which allows for the blood flow delivery to the penis resulting in bigger, firmer erections (1).​

What I really like about Cnidium Monnieri is that you won’t have to wait or guess if Cnidium works. YOU’LL KNOW! Right away! This same pro-erectile benefit also creates more of a “pump” when you're working out. It’s the best of both worlds to a bodybuilder!​

#2 Ligusticum​

For centuries, Ligusticum has had a reputation in Asia as a [URL=""]testosterone accelerator[/URL], an aphrodisiac and a tonic for the reproductive organs. But it wasn’t until recently that scientific studies showed it increased blood flow to the extremities. This is similar to what yohimbe does but without the excess nervous system stimulation that yohimbe can cause. You get all the benefits without any of the downsides. Western science has proven what the Chinese herbologists have known for so long. According to several studies Ligusticum suppresses production of “TNF alpha” -- an enzyme that secretes “stress hormones” such as cortisol and adrenaline (2). It’s these stress hormones that cause muscle breakdown and hamper your workout recovery. Ligusticum keeps your catabolic hormones at bay to allow muscle growth to come through full force!​

#3 Xanthoparmelia Scabrosa 35% Piperazine​

This is a complex plant like organism known as a lichen that has reputation of being a “longevity”plant. Like any ancient herb, the speculation about causation of the effects was based solely on trail, error, experience and observation. Well, once again, scientific studies show the validity of the claims. Xanthoparmelia is now being used in the prevention of certain cancers and it also has the unusual ability to increase [URL=""]testosterone[/URL] and nitric oxide, so it too, will help bring about much stronger muscle pumps and more intense sexual pleasure (3). Another double kick-ass bonus for bodybuilders!​

#4 Shilajit​

One of the most popular compounds in Ayurvedic medicine is Shilajit. It is mostly used for its ability to aid in the absorption of micronutrients. Shilajit was discovered on a mountain top where there was an abundance of this tar-like substance near fossilized plants and volcanic rock. Interestingly, the animals in this region were eating Shilajit and they tended to grow much larger and live longer than their counterparts who lived at lower elevations! (4) Shilajit has since been used as an “underground” supplement and was reportedly used by Soviet Union Olympic athletes in combination with the anabolic steroids they supposedly were not using.​

#5 3,4-Divanillyltetrahydrofuran​

This is the concentrated active ingredient of Urtica Dioica. Utica Dioica in its natural form has been shown to increase “Free” [URL=""]testosterone[/URL]. Your [URL=""]testosterone[/URL] that is “Free” is the only kind that is usable for muscle growth. (5) All other Test, even if it’s high, is inert and will not help you build more muscle. The key is for you to get your free [URL=""]testosterone[/URL] as high as possible and Urtica Dioica does just that. Divanillyltetrahydrofuran is the isolated active ingredient and is more than ten times more potent than whole Urtica Dioica. (6) I went into much greater detail about this compound in yesterday's report Gynecomastia & Dino, the Dancer Dude who Grew Double D's.​

#6 Paeonia Lactiflora​

This has been used in traditional medicine as a treatment for impotence and lack of stamina. As it turns out, it works! And Paeonia is now recommended by many doctors when liver enzymes are too high. (7) This is in accord with the “cleansing and clarifying” effects that the herbologists have advocated for years. This is especially valuable to bodybuilders since their livers are often taxed from various substances, so Paeonia Lactiflora will make everything else you stack it with work better.​

[URL=""]Fadogia[/URL] is the only natural substance shown to increase LH, luteinizing hormone, in laboratory animals, but blood test evidence from users shows that it works on the average gym rat as well! (8) LH is what allows the body to create more [URL=""]testosterone[/URL]. This is of utmost value to anyone using anabolics or anyone who wants to take his [URL=""]testosterone[/URL] levels way above normal. Age, [URL=""]anabolic steroid cycle[/URL] recovery, and environmental toxins can cause your LH production to diminish. [URL=""]Fadogia[/URL] helps to stave off that loss. And for the natural athlete, more LH production means more potential muscle building [URL=""]testosterone[/URL] – but it’s your own! No suppression! Just the highest, healthiest levels your body can produce. I went into much greater detail about this compound in yesterday's report Gynecomastia & Dino, the Dancer Dude who Grew Double D's.​

#8 Desmodium Gangeticum 10:1​

Another secret Ayurvedic compound that raises [URL=""]testosterone[/URL], reduces inflammation , aids in recovery, supports the nervous system and increases sex drive. Studies have shown it lowers tissue destroying acids without toxicity or side effects. (9) It’s a MUST for anyone involved in heavy training.​

#9 Avenacosides A&B​

Do not be fooled by any company claiming that Avena Sativa is the same a Avenacosides! Avena Sativa is the oat plant and using it will be about as beneficial as eating a bowl of oatmeal. Avenacosides are a minute component of the plant and have the amazing ability to reduce sex hormone-binding globulin ([URL=""]SHBG[/URL]) . (10) Why is that important? Because [URL=""]SHBG[/URL] is what keeps your [URL=""]testosterone[/URL] from becoming biologically active. (11) When [URL=""]SHBG[/URL] is lowered, your “free” [URL=""]testosterone[/URL] soars along with your ability to build muscle! However, be careful what you buy because not all Avenacosides brands are created equally.​

#10 Chlorophytum Borivilianum (Safed Musli)​

This plant contains saponins that enhance immunity and enrich the hormonal system (boost test levels and lower estrogen). It has also been shown to increase ejaculate volume and the mobility of sperm cells. For this reason, it is even used as an alternative to fertility drugs with much success. (12) Safed Musli is one of the most coveted herbs in India for use in curing many illnesses due to a suppressed immunity system.​

This is a proven compound shown to increase “overall” [URL=""]testosterone[/URL]. (13) This was discovered with controlled studies on animals where overall [URL=""]testosterone[/URL] was increased up to 347%! This combined with the “free” [URL=""]testosterone[/URL] effects causes a full time release of maximum hormonal health and vigor. It’s important that the body continue manufacturing [URL=""]testosterone[/URL] to maintain strength, aggression and testicular fullness. Nothing does this better than [URL=""]Bulbine[/URL] [URL=""]Natalensis[/URL]. I went into much greater detail about this compound in yesterday's report Gynecomastia & Dino, the Dancer Dude who Grew Double D's.​

#12 Catuaba P.E. 4:1 Extract​

Catuaba is a Costa Rican rain forest botanical used for a variety of health and strength inducing capabilities. It too has a reputation as a [URL=""]testosterone booster[/URL] and as an aphrodisiac – in Brazil, where they get a chance to test it quite often! To this day Catuaba is the most popular pro-sexual aid in South America. It’s also been shown to have immunity enhancing effects making it a great addition bodybuilders who need fast recovery for hard training and cannot afford the lay off time from being tired or run down.​

Purchasing all of these ingredients alone would cost A LOT of money, and this article explains just how great the ingredients are, and puts into perspective just how great these are together making the most comprehensive test boosting stack available in a single bottle!!​

Big Balls - Top 12 Breakthrough [URL=""]testosterone[/URL] Delivery Compounds [VIDEOS]​

[URL=""]Test Stack No. 17[/URL] is obviously a very powerful product, and it could be used as a very powerful product in post [URL=""]cycle[/URL] therapy, or as part of a [URL=""]cycle[/URL] to prevent shutdown and increase libido. Used standalone, [URL=""]Test Stack No. 17[/URL] can give you gains naturally that you never thought possible while sending your sex drive through the roof!!​

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