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Steroid stack for bodybuilder

Consider ANAVAR-50mgs daily and always N2Guard, NATURAL organs support, very important to your health
I'm going to be doing my first ever bodybuilding show in a couple months
I'm currently doing winstrol and trenbolone. light doses of each as sort of a prep
I’m down to 7% body fat, and 5’9’’ 174 pounds. Need to get under 170 i think
What else would you say i would need to take going into the show in 8 weeks?

Well. The bodybuilding show is always about the aesthetic perception of the body, not the quality of your workouts.

So I think you need to get your skin color done before the competition (but that's 1 day before the show). And so sars from can help you get the beautiful result you want. By the way, the guy above in the thread said a very good point: muscles always, ALWAYS, look better after training, not during it. No exertion. Try also opening interviews with famous bodybuilding winners who share their success secrets. I think that even if you don't find useful tips there, you'll still get a dose of motivation.
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