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Should I ban Strongbow

Should Stronbow be banned?

  • Yes - let's rid chat of this racist mofo

    Votes: 12 33.3%
  • No - he provides entertainment value

    Votes: 21 58.3%
  • Who?? I never read his posts anyways...

    Votes: 3 8.3%

  • Total voters


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Let's vote ladies & gentlemen.
Time to fire up my alter accounts and keep Beezy F Baby doing his thing
hell no...ef is simply a microcosm of the, i don't really put a lot of stock in his rhetoric...he's irreverent for the sake of reality, i'll bet he'd give the shirt right off his back to anyone that he knew and respected without a single thought as to what color/religion/sexual orientation they were...he's a wiseass and a little bit of a sledgehammer, but he's never said anything that really set me off...mostly because i don't take it very's the internet for chrissakes and ef is the island-of-misfit-toys of the internet...and he's the fucking mayor of the island-of-misfit-toys.
You know Traz I'm pretty much bros with every Mod on this board except for you and QT and maybe some of these new kids, but the vast majority of the Mods that actually do shit here are my freinds and know how to take me.
I voted no. SB provides the lols. Plus, this is the internet, not the real world. Who gets truly butt-hurt over what some strangers says on a message board anyways?
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