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  • No idea, see the message from this Rubio guy right below here? Go to his profile page and see the message that plunkey left him. When I challenged Plunkey about it he denied messaging Rubio. Fcking moron apparently doesn't understand that these msg's aren't private and can be plainly viewed. So he messaged this guy accusing him of being an alter of mine. And I have no idea why whatsoever. I tried to get plunkey to explain it but he couldn't.
    Riddle me this, Batman: Why is Plunkey seemingly CONSTANTLY on these forums? I tried to give my husband an extremely abbreviated description of Plunkey last night and my dear hubby, bless his heart, pointed some glaring facts out, not the least of which is that truly financially successful business people who own their own business don't have time or interest in pissing away their time, which can otherwise be spent making money or making sure other people are earning them money, on bullshit bodybuilding forums. I happen to have a relative who is really rich. Fucker doesn't even have time to write me an email, seriously, or to retire (even though he's more than old enough and has enough money for two rich people). They get their best hardons from making money.

    Enough about Plunkey, how's you? :qt:
    Just don't worry about it dude, go about your business, don't respond to him it's what he wants. And yes he's a pansy ass poofter you're absolutely right. lol
    I got a message from some plunky cocksplash saying "yo redscam". I didn't know fuckall what that meant but saw one of those threads out that you he was talking about? Does he think I'm you or something? fuckme I'm confused this place has some pansy ass poofters running around. wtf
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