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Sarms4Sale Big Changes and Umbrella Labs Sarms and Peptides!!


Hey everyone, I have a lot of news to share with everyone that is very exciting for all of us!!

First, Sarms4Sale is going to be making some extremely positive changes coming soon!

Sarms4Sale will do some branding changes on labels and the website. S4S will be the new type of logo moving forward and changes will be coming in a very positive way!

New Products! S4S has been testing for many months on certain sarms to ensure that the best, safest and most effective products are on the site! New products coming soon are GW-0742 and ACP-105. LGD-3303 may be added as well!

Beyond this... S4S will be adding sarms powders in small quantities available for purchase!!

If that was not enough, the suspension will also be changed. MANY have had complained about the taste being difficult to endure. The solution has always been grain alcohol in their products. This month, that will change to Glycol and that will improve the taste drastically!!

HUGE changes coming very soon to S4S!

NOW, MORE exciting news!! Over the past 6 months, I have been working with several of my most trusted and respected friends and colleagues on testing different sarms companies out there. All of the big names, smaller sites etc... I know it is important to have more trusted options however being someone many people turn to for guidance and trust, I have to be extremely careful on who and what I personally recommend. Throughout this process, I have found another company that I was blown away by... This company is Umbrella Labs Sarms and Peptides. They are on an entirely different level and I can say that I have never been this impressed with any sarms company... I have begun a cycle to post a log for them and will have pictures of the amazing quality products they have. I will be posting pics, looking for loggers for both S4S and Umbrella etc... These are extremely exciting times for all of us and I am so excited to bring all of this excellent news to everyone... Make sure to check out both companies at the links below!
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This is awesome news! I love seeing the evolution of the sarms industry! I’m gonna have to grab some peptides for a lingering shoulder injury and I know where I am ordering from!

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great changes and the company looks legit.
[FONT=&quot]This is such great news for both companies! The two most respected companies in the industry! I am so happy to hear and see this! [/FONT]
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