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Ranking Orals - Liver Toxicity


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1 = most toxic
8 = least toxic


1. Halotestin (C17AA)
2. Methyltestosterone (C17AA)
3. Anadrol (C17AA)
4. Winstrol (C17AA)
5. Dianabol (C17AA)
6. Anavar (C17AA) - least toxic of the C17AA's
7. Trenbolone Acetate* (non-C17AA) - *tablet for human use
8. Primobolan (non-C17AA) - very mild

Some believe that all C17AA's are about the same in regard to liver toxicity, but others disagree and believe that they rank somewhere in this order.

Orals give the advantage of exposing the liver to very large concentrations of androgens (due to first pass). Also, a marked reduction in SHBG production, stimulation of IGF-1 production, and perhaps other unknown anabolic factors may also be taking place. This is why bodybuilders like to stack orals with injectables. Orals definately provide unique benefits that can not be obtained from using injectables alone.
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agreed, but primo is not 17-aa, I don't know if it should even be on the list. If it is though it should be on the bottom, so 3CHEERS!!!
LOL your list is off by a bit. Listed below are the orals known and theyre listed by most toxic to least toxic.

#1-Methyltrienolone(Not really acceptable to be taken orally so it's injected BUT it is 17aa so I listed it anyway)

#2-Mibolerone-AKA cheque drops, good luck finding this shit!

#2-Methyltest-Not worth the few dollars you'll pay for them

#3-Halotestin-basically oral trenbolone. goot shit.Anadrol- Good shit but effective dosing begins around 50mgs ED MINIMUM so not the most reasonable drug in terms of gains versus toxicity.

#4-Anadrol- Good shit but effective dosing begins around 50mgs ED MINIMUM so not the most reasonable drug in terms of gains versus toxicity.

#5-Winstrol- Can be taken orally or injected, the drug is probably 30-40% more effective injected, but the tabs are excellent for women due to their extremely high affinity for the drug. I know 2 girls now on 10mgs ED and they LOVE it.

#6-Dianabol- Very nice drug, water retention can be problematic but it being EQ based most water problems are estrogen related and can be circumbented with any anti-e. Effective doses begin around 20mgs ED and go all the way up to 150mgs ED+

#7-Anavar-one of THE best oral, but very expensive. Worth the money? Many say yes, though I have yet to try it..

#7-Primobolan tabs- Good luck finding these anymore, and they suck anyway so don't bother.

Of course there is also methandriol but its so rare i wont bother discussing it, and some real rare drugs like bolasterone which im not sure even really exist. There you have it.
For the most part, these are all myths.

A mg of 17-alpha-alkylated drug is a mg of 17-alpha-alkylated drug in terms of toxicity.

Saying that Anadrol is great but you need MORE of it is like saying a five dollar bill is as good as a twenty dollar bill -- you just need more of them.

Methyl test has a bad rep because it increases blood pressure quickly and is not a reasonable choice for long term use. You also need several daily doses.

The dosages necessary for Halotestin to be effective would also have to be around 50 mgs ED. And 50mgs is toxic whether it's d-bol, Anadrol, Winstrol or Anavar. Halo does have other toxic properties.

Winny and Anavar are known for being low toxicity based on their therepeutic administration , which is 10 mgs a day.

The liver damage from 20 Anavars would be comparable to one Anadrol -- which is the same total milligrams.

Primobolin is not 17 aa, and it's virtually non-toxic, but you'd need to take so many it would be financially impractical for most BB's.
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