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we assess the situation.
I've been training differently for three weeks now because of my finger.
Now it's healing but I still can't hold the dumbbells.
I am therefore training with the various machines and giving priority to my legs.
the diet is also slightly varied, decreased.
Not being able to train well and heavily, even eating so much becomes difficult.

Consequence...well, I feel small and empty. pump is at zero. the desire falters, despite never having missed a workout.
I have that bad feeling, despite the aesthetic appearance, of being completely empty, you know? (I hope not for you).
Weight is 177 lbs

On the integration side, one of the best tren cycles ever done.
tren hex is truly a different beast.
Sides practically non-existent, very tolerable.
I don't particularly suffer from pips or anything similar so I can't tell you about this... I don't feel anything, the oil is always excellent and slides in without you noticing.

Oh, I forgot, I got my hands on three boxes of metformin hydrochloride 500, so yes, I'm taking this too.
I know that feeling and it is horrible and when you got to power through the most zero pump is an awful feeling
I know, I'm monotonous and repetitive... but horse meat is irreplaceable

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