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Primo, Anadrol and test cycle

anadrol can be done for 6-8 weeks if you use n2guard but 50mgs not required if you on 1000mgs of test

primo > tren sure but expect more sides

+LOG ASAP start it now since you on cycle
before you change primobolan to trenbolone please post your LOG journal on EF, we want to see your situation with diet and training and cardio
I agree we need to see your journal diary log before we start telling you to change primo to tren maybe you doing something else wrong
I love trenbolone big time, did 1000mgs of trenbolone before and loved it big time for a show.

For your 1000mgs of test + 300mgs tren is the path
Hi all
Im new here and this my 2nd cycle
Im at 10% body fat currently looking into adding some mass

Im a beginner so i need some guidance plz

I started with 300 primo a week is that ok or should i increase it if yes by when should i do so

50 anadrol for how long should i run it my plan was 8 weeks is it ok ?

TEST C is the base im doing 1000 a week

Looking to run the cycle for 16 weeks at some point i want to replace primo with tren so after how many weeks should i do so ?

And when i add tren should i stop oral ?

Im sorry if im asking a lot of questions

Thnx in advance ✌️
What is your age and stats?

Your doses are way offf!!!!!

Primo at 500mg weekly 12 weeks
test c 300mg weekly 12 weeks aromasin 6.25mg eod
anadrol 50mg daily 4-5 weeks maxxx N2Guard the whole time!!!
You are not READY for TREN!!!! Dont take it!! This is plenty of gear for 2nd cycle
Have your PCT ready
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