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Approved Log My TRT and Deca Cycle log

Explain what you mean by the 3-inches?
I was keeping the bar 3” from my chest, my chest was getting so tight it felt that if I barely touched my chest for a rep that I would lose power to drive up. I am stronger on the eccentric on nearly every exercise not sure why. Monday when I hit chest I had full range and not as tight. The lightweight flys made my chest super tight and hours later the tone changed from tight to puffy which always happens and by 24 hours it’s tight definition again.
Keeping the bar that far away from your chest, can be dangerous and put a lot of pressure on your elbows and shoulders.
Maybe don't go a full three inches, maybe go only an inch.
I like to bring the bar down to where it's touching my chest and then pause then push.
Nice consistency to your eating routine. But you may want to consider cycling out some things and bringing in some new foods as well.
Because I live on an island, we get different foods different times of year. So it's a good way to switch out what you're eating already.
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