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Approved Log My TRT and Anavar Cycle Log

@Dpog77 RCS awesome touchdown man :) I love those sarms

@dylangemelli check

carbs high still bro
you gotta cut under 150 to start off

training is good but you did cardio before after?
So I just looked over all the foods to see where I could cut and realized samsung health does not factor net carbs. The bread has 10 carbs but 10grams of fiber so 0 carbs. I am under 150 for sure.
Ok so this arrived today, very fast shipping. I think Var is still two weeks out. I am going to start this now at 20mg as suggested since I will run this for 22 weeks and the var for 8

So now jist TRT and Carnadine will add 40 mg Var split and sublingual am dose when it arrives.
var and gw will stack well together, i like it!
you are gonna love that GW, its good stuff!
nice RCS touchdown! you let us know how you like it!
stick with our sources and you will be happy man
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