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My Sustanon cycle Log. Thoughts?


New member
What I'll be taking:
- Sustanon 250mg/ml a week (pin freq: mon / wed / Fri)
- Arimidix if needed
- NAC 600mg every day
- TUDCA 250mg every day


Workout plan:
(Wednesday / Friday / Sunday)

Pull ups 3x6
Chin ups 3x6
Back Squats 3x8 1x8 alternate Front Squats
Romanian Deadlifts 3x8 1x8
Flat Bench 3x8 1x8
Incline bench 3x8 1x8
Pendley rows 3x8 1x8
Skull crushers 3x15
Preacher curl 3 x 15
Kick backs 3x15
Hammer curls 3x15
Delts Dumbell raises:
- Front 3x15
- Back 3x15
- Side 3x15

I have a multi use squat rack at home and dumbells. So limited to certain exercises. If anyone has a full body routine x3 a week. I'd be keen to possibly changing. Has to be full body x3 a week.

Other exercises:
Tuesday / Thursday mornings do Bjj
Some days bike to work
I'm a laborer so can be intense some days.

Food Goal:
2900 calories a day.
1g protein per pound of body weight.

Coconut water
Protein powder

Chicken Patties x4
Rice x 500g
Crumbled Fish fillets x4

Beef 400g. Swap with 400g chicken some days.
Rice x 500g
Peanut butter x 4 tablespoons

Diet can definitely be improved.

Have been thinking of doing keto but might be difficult because of bjj.

I have clomid also.
And will be getting my bloods done on week 4.

Will be starting next week.
it's a good cycle and you have all of it ready, lets see you keep updating the log as you go, Im sure meals and training will change as you go
pro style log go for it
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