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My bloods aren’t well

Definitely get some N2Guard once it is back in stock. For now you can get some TUDCA, NAC, and Milk Thistle. Are there values besides liver that are concerning?
What isn't normal and how far off is it? You might need to change up your diet to get your cholesterol back to normal.

I would be careful about playing the whole different drugs to try and fix problems that should be solved with food. You could just end up throwing other things off.
Post cycle my blood work doesn't look very rosy. I have a lot of things that are off and out of whack. Talk to another doctor because the first one didn't make any time for me. You said that it's normal because I use steroids.
Is there any supplements that I can take to help normalize more this stuff because he says if it doesn't get back to normal he won't give me trt going forward

Several factors can affect blood test results. Some of these factors include diet, time of day, exercise, hydration, caffeine, alcohol, tobacco, medications. If you wish to take step back from Cycle etc., allow your receptors recoup 90days enough time to relevel your blood, Of course, the Dr. had a deferent opinion after reviewing the results
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