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My 4th cycle

test 500 tren 200 anavar 50 aromsin 12.5mgs n2guard 7caps and a FULL LOG you start it now so we can see where you at
Hello ,

I am newbie here. I live in Europe .
I lifted naturally from 16-26 yo . And then i did 3 cycles in 3 years . Currently i am at 6 feet 3 205 pounds at 15 % body fat .
Cycle history :
First cycle for bulk : Test enanthate - deca - dianabol
2nd cycle for lean bulk : Test enathate - tren enathate - gh
3rd cycle for cut : Sustanon - tren acetate - clen - winstrol - anavar - gh
My next planned bulk cycle :
Testo enathate 500 mgs 1-12 weeks
Tren enathate 200 mgs ( higher doses give me bad sides ) 1-12 weeks
Primo 400 mgs 1-12 weeks
Anavar 20 mgs per day 1-8 weeks ( i am on a budget lol )
Lantus 20 iü ( may increase or decrease according to blood sugar levels weekly )
Gh 3 iü 2 injections 1,5 iü in the morning fasted , 1,5 iu 45 minutes before workout )
I do push pull legs , work out 6 days a week with 1 day off . And cardio around 40 minutes at least 4 days a week .
My current macros to start : fat 63 grams carbs 326 grams protein 304 grams calories : 3165 kcal to start out , i will track my weight , body fat , measurements, eye test in the mirror and gradually increase calories since i am on a clean bulk .
What you guys think about my next planned cycle ? It will be my first cycle combining 3 injectable anabolics test - tren and primo . Does tren and primo stack well together ? Your feedback will be much appreciated !
that is a helluva stack. you competing?
Good luck.. i cant really be of help to you.. you have been so extremely reckless and careless from the start, using far too much too fast and that indicates you have no signs of slowing down and you are just shaving years off your life.. i really wish you nothing but the best...
Post up a pic
I started a log and posted my pics . Before you guys roast me , i know my physique is far from a pro . However i want to take my physique to the next level , i was a natty lifter for so long and i think i reached my natural potential before even doing any cycle .


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