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Musclepay FAQ [Dropshipping & Website developer]

I'm going to start my own store in September

my only issues is how do I get paid? lets say I send 2-3 guys do I get btc or wire?

Hey man! Sorry I missed your message! Yes, you can cash out at any time using BTC or LTC.
FAQ addition:

What shipping services do we use?

99% of everything will be shipped using First Class. We will occasionally ship using DHL and Fedex. This is not available at customer demand. It is generally used when First Class is backed up for some reason or another.
How do I send BTC/LTC payments for my deposits?

LTC and BTC is done pretty much exactly the same. Follow the instructions below and change out LTC for BTC if Litecoin is your preferred method.

Bitcoin (BTC) Payment Instructions

Your payment instructions are as follows:

If you don’t already have a cryptocurrency wallet registered, you can create one. This download may be installed on most devices. It offers support for Android, Windows, and Apple devices.

If you have not already purchased BTC, using your downloaded wallet or an existing exchange, please do so now. You must add enough funds to cover the full Musclepay balance plus a minor exchange fee. Fees will vary by exchange.

Use the provided QR code or BTC address on your Musclepay Payments page. Remember, you are sending a payment, not receiving one. Once the transaction is complete, your relevant order page will update with payment confirmation. Payment confirmation may take up to 12 hours.

Do not be alarmed if you see multiple BTC addresses. The provided QR code and BTC address will renew every 15 minutes to preserve anonymity and reduce processing time. BTC is fast, convenient, and confidential. If assistance is needed, you may contact our billing department.
muscle pay good info I am setting up a shop this october
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