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Is tamoxifen (all by itself) worth my time and money?


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About me:
I'm 35 years old. Weigh 170ish. Love to run (up to 35 miles a week). I have been lifting for 10 years (just for aesthetic reasons). I have no desire to lift competitively or participate in bodybuilding competitions. I am currently taking creatine, multi-vitamins, and flax oil.

The problem:
I've noticed that as I age I have to run and lift much harder than I used to. All this extra effort barley results in maintaining. My diet has to perfect as well now. I understand testosterone levels drop as we age and this is the cause.

The question:
I've never been a fan of needles and money IS an issue. Will tamoxifen, just tamoxifen nothing else, at 20mg a day raise my natural test level enough to make a difference or am I just going to waste my time and money?

If anyone has a suggestion I'm all ears.
In case you couldn't tell I am a complete noob to the supplement world. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
unleashed is a great pruduct if you want a sup. there are other options with aas if you are willing to go that rout. something like 5 or 10mg of dbol ed would give you good results and could be run long term. just something to look into.
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