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Interesting experience Pinned Other Pec Today, shortly thereafter, I ran a slight fever 100.3-.5 but... (help?)

Interesting experience Pinned Other Pec Today, shortly thereafter, I ran a slight fever 100.3-.5 but...

took a shower, Lysol sprayed 99.9 percent of germs my carpet and area, super sterilzed my hands etc., Ran the Air Conditioner to Keep my Pinning Injection Area : H.C. = Hospital Cold (to avoid the presence of bacteria)

I pin the other pec, this time not flexing during the Insertion of the needle, although I did do several pushups and flex posed to make sure, the meatly non-fleshy part of the pec 2 inch from the nipple would be hit (the muscle)...not a skin-pop which could lend to sterile abcesses, and not what we I.M. injection

So during the pin of this week the right pec, I started coughing, here's the thing: bad experience with delts and glutes, plus the pecs the user can use both hands....there's no lump right now in the newly pinned right pec and hardly any blood came out after I removed the needle slowly....a sign that I didn't nic any blood vessels...

Noticed that my nose was runny and I was kinda feeling cold: but mind you the air conditioner is running full blast in So. Cal 55 degree Fahr weather which for November is pretty warm, to keep the area H.C.: Hospital Cold so that no bacteria could subsist....

Took several temperatures with 2 different digital thermometers....
it's 99.4 and sometimes 99.8 and sometimes 100.1 or 100.00 and sometimes 100.4 or 100.5

My gut feeling is that when averaging it out, it is not the medical community's definition of a "Low Grade Fever" (what's called a Term of Art, specific to the industry, LGF) which by their definition is...

"...low grade fever = a body temperature above 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit. A body temp between 100.4 and 102.2 degree is usually considered a low-grade fever.

Note the other Pec, thanks to Stevesmi's advice, on a sterile abcess lump, went away after 6 days just by me, taking a hot shower and doing a Circular Motion of the Pec Injection Area (I don't have a heating pad right now, it broke 3 weeks ago). *But this amounts to the same thing: it Disperses the Lump of Undeposited Testosterone E and breaks the lump so that I can pin the same pec I did last week, but I won't.

It may be that because I had sex with my girlfriend, this may have weakened me, coupled with the air conditioner and the shower, my body temp just got really cold.....and a small fever ran which hopefully now, it will totally be gone. I can't say for sure, because "all things aren't equal." I have added to the mix these things:

1) taken a fever reducer: Aceto.,,,and 2) 525 mg's of Fish Mox (Amoxicillin antibacteria available at Walmart, which is proven to work for me, since it cleared up my pimples) 3) drank lots of cool water

Let's speculate here, I live in an apartment complex in Downtown San Diego CA, which is kind of like the apartment building condensced area of Los Angeles, CA, not too far from skid row.... it' not rural.... we have homeless, yes, we have odd people living in my building

But, the real concern is that here I am Pinning the Pec, and it must be that although they are meaty and easy cos I can use 2 hands....something is off if I keep coughing, although from experience the cough goes away and the lump goes away....

I must be hitting air pockets right, air pockets that are also in the pec region

Thank God that since I felt a bit off prompting me to take several temperatures with a dig thermom...which was 3 hours ago.... I am full of energy...could it be that I average 2 packs of Animal Pak 44 vitmains, loaded with Zinc & Milk Thistle? so Flu smoo...I'm super human?! Lol.....

Note, because of my dbol base of 20 mgs per day and Liv . 52 and natural Testosterone booster, no bacterial infection can Subsist long in my body Thankfully.... my Boogers are kind of red and crusty, Evidencing High RBC Red Blood Cell Counts-- No Bacterial Infection Can Survive for Long in my Body right now....

Anyway, this was an interesting learning experience.... I might have to hit the Deltoids, even though they are difficult, for one thing, they don't have the flabby tissue found near the nipple part of the pec where the juice won't deposit into a muscle....

for another thing.... Delts not the flabbby ball of the shoulder, but that Y that Shows the Triceps-- don't have Air pockets, aerolis or whatever it's called.... meaning, I won't cough again

My gear, the Test E. I use from Domestic Supp pinned on this forum as a reputable source In All Likelihood, won't ever give me another Injection Site Redness as was a bad experiencec with my "Rus Bio," cheap Test E. several years ago.

I can run the multi dose vial, by buying a small rice that's never been used to cook rice or boil water for tea so that it's clean and dump boiling water over the multi dose vial of Test E from Domestic Supply, but the quality is so smooth that it might not be necessary and it won't give me any injection site redness / warmth.

Any thoughts welcomed... this is probably why the Pecs are far from Ideal.... coughing.... no matter if the pinner pins right into the muscle causing no blood at all which is a good sign it went intra muscular and it deposited well and dandy

Thanks in advance for your help....I probably won't have a 100.1 or 100.3 fever tomorrow, but for 2 hours, it was sort of frightening that I did have one...

Just to add, I want to thank the people who put together the Evo post that's available for viewing on Youtube, too

Some of us can't fire a gun, or inject, we are either teachers or lawyers, and that's not an area we're good at....

like me, i'm good with words, i am clumsy af my hands shake resulting from nerve damage and I often use a small benzo before pinning each week to calm down....

so, we some newbies, some still bad at injecting shouldn't lose out, I've been trying to pin worry free for a very long time, it's not my forte--i've studied a lot...but it's all in the practice...i've read spot injections dot com, watched videos, i know all the sources, but hey if there was a way, i'd advertise someone to pin me on the pretense i needed B-12 injections.....but with the pecs, they never gave me an abcess that took me to the ER like my glutes did cos I used just a 1 inch needle in the meaty part of the glute and I used cheap Rus Bio gear which there's a reason why it was so cheap, it sucked and should've been discontinued... (it's worth it to pay more for peace of mind-- nearing 50 years of age, that seems to almost always hold true)

*you who put together than injection tutorial recently must have sensed the anxiety with bad pins leading to Fevers and abcessess, so that we flatten the curve and avoid visits to doctors or the ER in this time of covid 19

I'm going to give the delts another shot, tired of coughing even though i rarely bleed when I pin my pecs unlike i did way back several years ago pinning delts and the delts they used to several years ago feel hot and warm for a couple of days--even the big pharm tv commercials run off "injection site reaction or redness," as like a side effect of botox

Anyway these are on the agenda:
1) a new boiling pan, never used on rice or to cook anything else is on the way in a couple of days; to drop boiling water over a multi-use dom supp vial and make it even more smoother than it already is....

2) a heating pad

Update: Fever gone....woke up to 98.6 fahr. body temp (normal); I can only guess that a shower, cold room temp, maybe some anxiety...and post injection reaction led to a just a tad lower than to "very low grade fever" which went away after 3 hours. If my eyes were hot, if i continued to have a runny nose, if i had actually uncontrollable chills, and not just felt cold...those symptoms with a low grade temp might have been more worrisome.
What lessons to be learned? Monitor a body temp increase after a pin, but don't worry too much. After a pin, Maybe a slight increase in body temp bordering on the bottom scale of the "low grade fever" window, is just like a post injection reaction to the deltoid, but goes away on its own. Like the pod cast youtube with Rick Rock and Stevesmi point out, the body's own response to a foreign object being entered into the system.
yeah the podcast covered all of this man and rickrock is not the same Rick. 2 different people lol.

RickV who is the admin on here is my co-host. my other podcast SteveMobsterG is my other co-host. Dylan and I are doing a podcast together soon which you will hear and my former co-host was Trevor who is on here as trevor kouritzian

any questions you have just light me up via PM and we will answer them as they come in
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You are definitely overthinking and overanalyzing things big time. If you have issues with any location, pick another. Its really that simple. You are working yourself up a lot it seems and have struggled with anxiety before injections by your own admittance. Until you get a handle on your own issues with pinning, you may never resolve your problems
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