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Interesting experience Pinned Other Pec Today, shortly thereafter, I ran a slight fever 100.3-.5 but... (help?)

Thanks, I'll try the delts again. Even though there's more chance of hitting blodd vessels and injection site redness / warmth for 2-3 days after the pin. But that's just the body reacting to a foreign substance entering the body.

I'm over thinking since I am 1 of the Unfortunate people to have had an Infectious abcess in my right butt that needed to be drained at the ER and monitored for a week (3 trips altogther)... *Twice Bitten 3x shy, to put it nicely. God, I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy. I think both a Stroke and an Abcess are very scary health problems in the world of bodybuilding. Ed Corney, the Hawaiian night club owner / IFBB Pro, from Pumping Iron had a stroke, too, he ended up in a wheelchair.

All of that could've been avoided if I hit the meaty glute with a 1.5 inch needle that got into the muscle and better gear instead of that cheap "Rus Bio" gear.

Thanks again to everybody, it really helps.
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