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Huge stacks!!! Recommendations??


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Hey I am 26 y/o 5'11" I want to know what you guys think about my cycle I am about to start on this upcoming Monday

12 weeks of test e 250, 500 a week of test E and deca 200, 250 every other injection of deca 250. Also I will be starting off on Monday with dbol 50mg a day for up to 7 weeks. And than take winny from week 10-12. Week 14-18 I will take clomid for four weeks I was thinking 100/100/50/50 during the cycle I was also thinking of taking anastrozole 1mg every 3 days. Can you guys help me out and let me know your opinions I'm just trying to get big and towards the end of the cycle I want to cut it as much as possible and I don't want to get fucked with estrogen let me know your advice guys thanks.
1-16 test e 500mg ew
1-14 deca 400mg ew
1-5 dbol 30mg ed

Thats all you really need, you could add winny in last 5-6 weeks if you want but i don't see much point, just go with a bulk and put the size on
0.25mg of adex eod should be enough for this cycle, taper up as needed
Okay perfect than thanks guys I really appreciate it. And is nolva important i have clomid I can't get any nolva
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