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How to run a first test cycle

30 years old
177 pounds
17% body fat
Looking to recomp. Want to gain strength and muscle, and also drop body fat
First cycle ever and need some advice on what to use
So far:
Testosterone cypionate 250mgs 3x per week. Should i pin mon, wed, fri? Or does not matter?
As far as an AI, do i need letro or aromasin better?
And then how much n2guard do i need on cycle?
The answer is in the half life (see our articles)
Personally if it was me I'd do 300mgs you can ran way less being so fresh and still make great gains and progress if you nail the diet and stay committed.

Definitely check out Dylans video for indepth quality advice.
Bro way too much test...

350mg per Week Total
N2Guard 7 caps ed aromasin 6.25mg eod

Have PCT lined up bro
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