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How long should I use clomiphene for to get a higher testosterone level?

hopefully you can get an increase in testosterone levels
just keep in mind that Clomid is not a hormone so you may not feel an improvement even if your test levels go up
sometimes Clomid can make side effects worse
that's why it's important to put up a log Journal so we can track what's going on
If I use clomiphene at a dose of 25 or 50 mg, how often should I use it, every single day, every other day or once each 3 days? And should I use it indefinitely or for a limited amount of time?

If it's for a limited about of time, will the effects disappear once clomiphene use is discontinued, or will they remain? Do I need to cycle on clomiphene constantly with breaks to avoid building tolerance?

If clomiphene increases my total testosterone level, this will also increase free testosterone and will reduce SHBG, even when the process is not linear, meaning more total T doesn't necessarily means more free T, but will typically lead to more free T, since more total T means there is more testosterone to be converted to free testosterone. Correct?

It's worth nothing I don't have any hypogonadal conditions and clinically low hormone levels, and my T and free T levels are within normal range, but I want them to be higher, closer to upper limit.

Is this @goldenplague?
Have you discussed this with a doctor or is this something you're doing on your own
if you're doing it on your own then for sure you need to put up a log Journal so we can track you
I'm going on my own. I can't talk to a doctor, because no doctor will approve any such treatment for me. I'm perfectly healthy and don't have hypogonadal conditions, my testosterone, free testosterone and estrogen levels are totally normal, as I already explained. What I want is a further hormonal enhancement before I start using steroids.
this is certainly not a great idea... its especially not a great idea to use something like clomid, which is a fertility drug FIRST, longer term... if anything, i would just use a natural test booster and see what kind of result you get but clomid longer term is not a great idea... enclomiphene would be the better option which you could try and i have seen decent success in that route but again, not ideal.. aside from true trt, just a natural booster, which wont shake your world by any means, could provide some help in a much safer manner... just dont expect earth shaking changes but certainly some help is there
What I want is to get my testosterone levels to highest possible natural values.

My total testosterone level is 500-610 ng/dL, and free testosterone ranges from 26.13 to 28.16 pg/mL, with a reference range limit to 50 pg/mL.

What I want is an increase in those values.

The point is getting maximum naturally possible testosterone levels before I start using anabolic steroids.
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