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How do you keep track of your exercises?


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I'd like to present you CyberFit mobile application, developed by company I'm worked in.

CyberFit is a video-based set of fitness programs that are customized to your goals.

Search for the app at AppStore and Google Play - CyberFit

I have talked to a gym buff who said,
- I know my exercises, why do I need a new app?
- How do you track your exercises?
- Spreadsheet.
- This is exactly why we created this app!
~ Uki D. Lucas, CyberFit app.

Why do I need it?

  • many different training programs
  • new trainers with innovative programs
  • history of your exercises: no more spreadsheets and notepads
  • don't forget important exercises we tend to skip otherwise
  • exercises are sorted by your goals
  • exercises are sorted by frequency you do them
  • keep track of you friends and clients' progress
  • complete set of body measurements
  • photos comparison of your body taken in time intervals
  • schedule of workout sessions with notifications
  • run, bike and hike with map and detailed stats
  • much more!

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