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HGH and penis size


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I started doing HGH 6 days ago for the first time and didn't tell my girl friend. after we had sex last night she said wtf? Your penis is way bigger all of a sudden. She was so supprised she kept asking me over and over what I had done. I said nothing over and over but she was so adiment that it could not have just been a good night of sex. She said something had to have changed. I've been on test For a while and said maybe it was increased blood flow but she said no. Said it wasn't just harder but it was large without a doubt. anyone ever expirences increased penis size from HGH? Is it permanent? I never actually expected this to happen and never planed on telling anyone but she just knew. She also knows nothing about AAS and had never heard of HGH.
Not really. Any adult I'm sure can handle the information and give their opinion or experience. When you grow up you'll find sex is a normal part of life.
haha... nice come back
Well as far as ive understood there is actually exercises that does increase penis size and width, stretching should be able to lenghtening the penis. The way it works is that you stretch the bond that the penis connects to at the bone

Also ive heard of a technique called jelqing wich pressed blood into the penis expanding the zones, making it able to fill more blood in when ure about to have sex.

im not sure if these works, but i could imagine that the muscles in the penis also grow
Ive heard several stories of HGH enlarging penis size.. I just dont know how it would have happened in just 6 days
Ive heard several stories of HGH enlarging penis size.. I just dont know how it would have happened in just 6 days

The primary function of this hormone (HGH), as the name already suggests, is stimulating growth cell production in humans so who knows for certain. If its helping regenerate cells and has been proven to help with aging, etc: I think its certainly feasible for it to increase penis size. Now where do I get some?:biggrin:loloolo
My husband was on a combo of test and hgh for awhile. Defiantly a difference. It's really about blood flow and allowing the organ to reach its potential and not really "Growth". Enjoy while you can.
I have been on hgh the last month and my wife said she thought mine had grown but I didn't believe her. I told her she was crazy. I guess not it makes sense

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Thanks for input everyone. I'll Update any changes in the weeks to come. It's very hard to believe anything could grow form 6 days but her persistence had me slightly convinced. One thing you got to wonder is if it is not just increased blood flow (which I figure it maybe) then I wonder what it's doing to my other organs. I live with no regrets so no worries.... For now lol.

Also just for fun I'm on
500 mgs sust a week
400mgs EQ a week
40mgs anavar oral pills a day
And about 1.75 IU's of HGH a day

5'8" 181 pounds. 10% bf. 31 inch wast.

Thought that was a low dose HGH. My results have been astounding. I'll keep you posted and thanks again. Any other input is very welcome :)
Oh and one more good piece of info. I always get very bad back ache on testosterone. It was in full bloom you could say when starting the HGH and has begun to dissipate and a rapid rate with no difference in diet exercise or dosage of AAS.

Either these affects are the coincidence of my AAS usage life, or this HGH works miracles. We'll soon see.
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