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Help with Test-P/Var first Real Cycle

simply merlin

New member
Hey EF members,

I'm looking to do my first real cycle. I say real since I've really only done a Winny only cycle plus some PH's a while ago.

Looking to do a Test P+Anavar cycle. I've done my research and would just like some personal help now from the experienced especially the PCT.


  • 25 yo
  • 5'10
  • 185 lb's
  • 8% Body fat
  • Lift 5 days a week
  • +3200 calories a day low carbs
Goal: become a leaner, meaner fighting machine.

Cycle (all suggestions welcomed)

  • Test-P weeks 1-8 100mg EOD
  • Var weeks 1-8 50mg ED (I know people will recommend around 80mg but I believe 50mg will be just fine for a 8 weeker first timer)
  • HCG weeks 1-8 250iu 2x a week
  • Aromasin weeks 1-12 10mg E3D (as needed)
PCT (again all suggestions welcomed) 3 days after last pin.

  • Nolva ED 4 weeks dosage 40/40/20/20
  • Clomid ED 4 weeks dosage 50/50/25/25
If I have Aromasin for the 4 weeks of my PCT is the Nolva recommended?

Again I'm open to all suggestions. I want to avoid shutdown at all costs and keep my dick nice and plump. I do have Cialis I plan to take 5mg ED at night to keep things in check. Don't want to ruin my PE gains.

Also I am prone to prolactin induced gyno so I want to keep that in check. I've had a real small case for several years and am scheduled for surgery in June. I figured I might as well get a cycle in before surgery.

I also believe I have found a reliable source for the aas, AI's, and SERMS concerning the recent and all reviews. Would still like some input. I do know of several peptide sites but am weary of liquid dosages as they are usually not as potent as orals.

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Hey bro, I'm so sorry nobody ever gave you any advice. I will make sure this never happens again and every one of you bros gets some opinions on your planned cycles.

Here is what I would do myself if I had this on hand to do:

Test-P weeks 1-10 100mg EOD
Var weeks 1-6 50mg ED (Do not go too high too long, 6 weeks is the most you should ever run an oral. Anavar DOES have side-effect. make sure to use N2Guard for liver support.)
Hcgenerate 3 caps per day 1-10
Liquidex AI 4cc per day

PCT 3 days after last pin.
Hcgenerate ES 5 tabs per day
Liquidex AI 1cc per day
Clomid ED 4 weeks dosage 50/50/25/25

This is a nice cycle I would be real happy running myself and would see awesome gains from.
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