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Hcgenerate es or test stack 17 for pct


New member
I'm on my 10th week of test e and I have five more weeks to go, I'm doing a fairly low cycle at 300mgs a week, just to maintain some muscle while I drop weight I even put on some lean muscle, already down 40 pounds!! I know you-all sponsor test stack 17 and I hear its a powerful product, but taking the fact that you sponsor it out the picture, what would be best for me test stack or hcgenerate es?
I'm going with test stack for sure, thanks Steve, I appreciate the feedback, also thanks for the codes! One more question, I used hcgenerate regular strength as a stand alone before and I loved it, the libido boost, the well being feeling, etc.. Will test stack provide the great libido boost and well being feeling? Thanks again bro!
Yes, a huge libido boost and better sense of well being are actually two of the biggest benefits to taking Test Stack No. 17. Due to the libido enhancing effects, some guys will take one dose an hour prior to having sex.
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