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Deca and test for joints and size

dbol 50mgs a day is too much
do 25mgs only
n2guard is needed
understand you may gain a lot of weight on this cycle but it will be unwanted weight, a lot of water and you will not have a high likelihood of keeping much.. not to mention that deca DOES NOT provide real healing whatsoever and is simply a band aid to a wound, which he have covered, somewhere along the lines of 20 trillion times... compounds that produce REAL healing would be mk677, mk2866, bpc157 and tb500 along with hgh...
my main goals are joint help and increase muscle mass. Looking for the big muscle mass not the lean muscle mass effects
thats why I want to go with deca and testosterone
a friend suggested I do dbol as well
do you think this stack would work well for me?
Was thinking of 250mgs of deca, and 300mgs of test for 12 weeks
then using dbol the first 4 weeks
I’m 34 years old and I am 5 foot 7170 lbs
great stack for size
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