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Hair sweet hair gummies

Man, if there was such a miracle "hair" stuff, it would be in all news by now and entire hair transplant industry would be dead by now. Ofc it's a scam!
I am a mid 30s male and I'm starting to get some hair issues. I used to make fun of people who are losing their hair but it's not funny anymore when it's you going through it
There is a product my friend said worked good for them called Hair Sweet Hair Which are vegan gummy supplements that you're supposed to take two a day and it's supposed to support hair growth and promote stronger hair.
does anyone know about the stuff?
Hair gummies are packed with vitamins and minerals which are associated with hair health. Some, like vitamin E and zinc are directly related to healthy hair growth, whereas some, such as copper. I can share Vegamour GRO Biotin Gummies there are many similar products, personally I use Biotin Shampoo