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Get every lb of muscle possible from your Pro-Hormone stacks !


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Feeding your body with a massive infusion of anabolic steroid precursors and estrogen blockers, rs transaderm from dramatically increases your body's ability to grow lean muscle mass, recover from workouts faster and more completely and rapidly metabolize your body fat.

In any sport, when you train to push past plateaus and build a hard, lean, muscular physique that guys will envy and women will desire, you must provide your body with an anabolic environment that promotes rapid new muscular growth. This environment requires high levels of anabolic and androgenic hormones, without which, your body will not improve very fast. Read on to discover how rs transaderm works its anabolic, fat burning, sex drive-enhancing magic, how it protects you from unwanted side effects, and how for a limited time, you can even get a bottle of this gel for free!

Oral Steroids work great, but they are toxic to your liver and often cause unwanted side-effects. Injectable steroids are probably a better option, but they are illegal and often counterfeit. rs transaderm is neither toxic nor illegal; it is a technologically advanced delivery system that allows you to increase your test levels, and levels of other anabolic hormones, quickly and safely, while creating the perfect environment for rapid muscle growth.

With RS Transaderm, in the first couple days, or sooner, expect:

Improved cognitive focus, motivational energy & drive.
Improved libido, sexual Performance, and potency.
With rs transaderm, in two to three weeks expect:
An anabolic environment that forces your body to build lean muscle mass.
A thermogenic enhancement in your body***8217;s ability to burn fat - resulting rapid fat loss.
Enhanced strength and stamina during a workout and faster recovery time.
Increased sexual Performance in the bedroom and better sleep quality.
Improvements in general sense of well-being.
With rs transaderm in three to four months expect:
A radical change in your body composition.
Dramatic fat loss with increased muscle mass, which makes you stronger, leaner, and remarkably more muscular.​

Add transaderm to your current stack and improve your cycle and gains !​

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