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  1. A

    How best to use superdrol!!

    heard a lot of fun things about this one I remember back when you could buy it over the counter in the USA and people were scooping it up and getting some crazy results. Never got the chance to load up, was too young but friends did. Anyway now I’m in my late 20’s and would like to try it out...
  2. V

    need help with my strength stacking

    I’m training for strength not for Aesthetics keep this in mind before you open your mouth and give me advice I’m 285 pounds and I’m six foot four inches I’ve used steroids before. Testosterone and anavar they were good now I want to get more aggressive and add in either anadrol or superdrol how...
  3. F

    Napsgear Napsgear testosterone and superdrol wow

    Best cycle i ever did is the current one I just finished I combined napsgear testosterone cyp with superdrol Didn't even do a big dose of either. I did 250 mg of testosterone and I did 20 mg a day of the superdrol Ran it for 10 weeks Not only did i grow like a weed on this stack but I also put...
  4. L

    Steroid strength choices

    I have a couple options when it comes to steroid use The first is point though is i want to get stronger. not really concerned about anything else except that I'm currently 225 lb and I am 5'11. I'm 33 years old and I'm trying to set new personal records and strength my two options are...
  5. B

    Napsgear has some great service

    Just wanted to let everyone know that my recent purchase from napsgear went fantastic Stuff was amazing but most important their service was awesome very fast shipping and also they kept constant communication with me and kept me updated as to how far along the process was. This made me feel...
  6. W

    domestic supply is very reliable and great products

    they are spot on excellent. I never have to worry about getting my stuff on time or anything else. I love their products. no problems with my order. communication is smooth ordered on the weekend . package arrived in 5 days. i ordered tbol, superdrol, test. nice results, gained 8 pounds.
  7. Q

    trenbolone cycle suggestions

    looking for some constructive criticism of this trenbolone stack I’ve got so far tren ace 200mgs EOD Masteron Propionate 250mgs EOD Superdrol 20mgs a day increasing to 30mgs 5’9’’ 8% body fat. Training 12 years and 35 years old I hope to compete next year this is a trial run
  8. L

    PSL is top quality

    Everything has gone great. I lost a ton of body fat and I also gained a lot of strength. It's been a huge boost to my conference. this is well dosed product. communication and ordering is excellent true to their word. delivery was good split my order and got it to me safe. i ordered...
  9. T

    geneza easy to deal with

    great communication, great deliver and strong gear i got deca, testosterone, and superdrol from them they ship with discreet packaging and bubble wrap so it gets to you safely and without breaking. This is a very reliable place to get gear
  10. R

    easy to use domestic supply site

    I love that domestic supply has a website that is fast and easy to navigate 5 days to get my products after they shipped I ordered 3 vials of testosterone, 1 vial of sustanon, and some orals including superdrol and anavar. Will be back for more!
  11. F

    Napsgear has the best stuff

    I got to admit that I was skeptical at first but i am now convinced that napsgear has the best products out there. I got four of their testosterone cypionate and I got one of their superdrol I stacked them both together and my strength has gone through the roof on the cycle I'm up about 35...
  12. N

    Mind games and steroids

    Do you notice that your mind changes when you're on a steroid cycle. Seems like when I go on I only want to work out and have sex. It's like I'm a caveman again is this normal and will it go away 1 day. Also what do you think causes this to happen I’ve been using superdrol and testosterone on...
  13. D

    Using Halotestin first time

    I got a bag of halotestin, heard this stuff was stronger than superdrol my question is how do I run this should I just start off doing 10 mg a day and then adjust my dosage from there. Anyone try running the stuff longer than 3 or 4 weeks and how did you do on it and turns of your energy...
  14. 7

    wrecking liver on cycle

    So I have been using Halotestin and Superdrol together for the past 4 weeks and I feel extremely fatigued. Someone said to go get bloodwork and my liver values are in the 300’s no joke. Why does the liver get so messed up on cycle and why do I feel so awful on this stack? Anyone have advice...
  15. N

    Does napsgear have superdrol?

    I have an oral fetish meaning I like to use oral steroids. I have never done injectables for the past 20 years. A couple reasons for that I just don't want needles around the house. The 1 oral I haven't tried though is superdrol because it's hard to find, does napsgear carry it and was it any good?
  16. D

    What do you use with oral steroid?

    Which supplements am I supposed to be using if I run an oral only cycle. I'm running nothing that aromatises. I haven't decided which steroid I'm going to run but I know it's going to be in oral and I'm conflicted between superdrol, anavar, or t-bol. just need to figure out which supplements...
  17. B

    Best advice for second cycle anavar

    215 10% body fat been training for 7 years 31 years old had a really good for a cycle lost some fat and gain some muscle second cycle looking to do the same what do you think about my plan superdrol 4 weeks
  18. G

    superdrol cycle

    I wanted to use superdrol after listening to the podcast on it, sounds like the perfect steroid for me cause it is good for breaking through plateau’s and hitting more gains. I am confused though because people say you have to run test with a cycle as a base, how come on the podcast they said...
  19. L

    female superdrol

    hey gals just posting up my experiences with superdrol. I am 5 foot 5 inches tall and 125 pounds. I do strength training and stairmaster. I am going to do 2.5mg of superdrol before my workouts. I am now on day 10 so far, drinking lots of water and taking liver support. I noticed that my...
  20. VasQlar

    Third cycle advice! Superdrol, prop, tren ace!

    What's up guys!? Planning my third cycle I'm looking to start in December, first time with tren so I'm looking for some advice and experiences. Stats: 5'8" 190 lbs 11% bf 23 years old My diet is on point, about 3700 calories, 40%carbs, 40%protein, 20% fat First cycle was test e 500mg...
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