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  1. D

    Cycling for beginner

    First time using steroids so I am definitely a beginner 25 years old and 206 lb I was thinking of doing some testosterone with an oral together for my first cycle do you think I should do an oral steroid for the first 4 weeks to kick-start things or should I just jump right into the...
  2. V

    oral stack idea

    check out my oral stack let me know what you would change anavar oxandrolone 30mgs a day winstrol 50mgs a day testosterone propionate 50mgs a day 5’10’’ 180 pounds and 15% body fat
  3. D

    Using steroids as a female without injections

    what is your opinion about females using steroids but just using orals by themselves I read on these websites that you're not supposed to run an oral only cycle does this mean I am forced to use injectables if I am going to run an oral?
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  5. P

    Winstrol/Anavar/SARMs cycle

    So here's the scoop, i have already done 5 other cycles but this is my first ALL oral cycle. Now before you jump down my throat and say "oh you should add test and not run winny or var without it". Well, that is not an option. Due to travel restrictions with my job, all injections are 100% out...
  6. R

    Oral tbol cycle

    Hi was wondering if i should run my oral tbol 100 mg for 2 weeks then the last 4 weeks is 50mg/ED?
  7. D

    Winny or Tbol only cycle?

    Stats: 28y/o/m 5'10 / 198 Bodyfat I'd have to guess around 13% give or take. Have always been lean, this is the most I've weighed and the most bodyfat I've held which is mainly around my sides, however abs are somewhat visible. Gym time, 5 years give or take. I've done dbol before, believe...
  8. W

    About to start a Winstrol cycle and have some inquiries

    I'm about to start an oral only cycle of Winstrol (or stanozolol) in the form of pills. First off, I know that Test as a base would be better and injectables too, but due to my location and circumstances (financial, social, availability, convenience) I can and want to try this Winny cycle so...
  9. J

    TBol help

    Hello fellow bodybuilders, First to give you my stats- I am 6 feet tall, 180 lbs with around 10%BF Bench- 225 lb for 8 reps Squat- 225 lb for 10 reps I am looking to start a Turinabol only cycle in a few days here. I have 100 pills of oral Turinabol (TBOL) 25mg/pill I was thinking of...
  10. E

    first cycle question

    Getting ready to start my first cycle an oral only stack. It is as follows gp methan 50 Go proviron Liv-52 I was wondering what pct I should be doing and also what estrogen inhitbator or other liver protectant I'll need. After this cycle iam gonna go to injectable just wanted to start with...
  11. D

    natural test booster

    hi all, just after abit of advice.... i am curious as to what to use as a NATURAL TEST BOOSTER during my cycle of just test e and n2guard and in week 6 also estrodex the reason i asking is i want a oral solution... But a quality one that will make transition to my pct alot nicer on my...
  12. L

    Does dividing doses weaken effect?

    I'm going to be taking a winstrol oral cycle (50mg ed) along with my base. I'm 5'11" 165lbs 10% body fat. I was wondering if it makes a difference if I take the 50mg all in one sitting or divide it to to 25mg doses. I heard its better due to the half life but if I take 25mg doses AM and...
  13. nickb86

    Get every lb of muscle possible from your Pro-Hormone stacks !

    Feeding your body with a massive infusion of anabolic steroid precursors and estrogen blockers, rs transaderm from dramatically increases your body's ability to grow lean muscle mass, recover from workouts faster and more completely and rapidly metabolize your body fat...
  14. A

    12 week cycle how long can I stay on orals ??

    Hey Guys so I'm on a 12 weeker of injectables and i've got some epistane, superdrol and halodrol on hand and was wondering how long I have to get off one to get on the other. like breaks in between ? I'm currently on the epistane and will be finishing it in probably 2 weeks then how long do I...
  15. J

    New cycle coming up. Questions for the experienced boys.

    First off, my stats : Age; 21 5"10 Weight; 225lbs BF; 9% Lifting since 15, competing since 19. And yes, I know, steroids at a young age like 21 isn't good for anyone. Been running Tren A three times before, so not my first time. My cycle: 1-10 Tren A 50mg/ED 1-12 Testo P 50mg/ED 1-12 Mast P...
  16. A

    first beastdrol cycle stack

    going to run a beast cycle in a few months and wondering if i have everything together or am i missing something ? does this look right ? open to experienced opinions ON CYCLE -Beastdrol -liv 52 -PES Erase -AI Cycle Support -T-Force (fadogia) -to prevent shutdown -joint support (glucosamine...
  17. A

    Medistar Anavar Legit??

    Hey guys I recently purchased medistar anavar and noticed the label is different from medistar anavar pictures I have seen. The first label I saw was light blue this one is blue and I was wondering if medistar had changed their labels. I know they changed their testosterone propionate ones just...
  18. D

    newbie in need of advice on first cycle

    Hi I have just started my first course which is listed below. eek of cycle DIANABOL 10mg tab ANADROL 50mg tab PROVIRON 25mg tab NOLVADEX 10mg tab 1 3 tabs/day 1 tab/day 2 3 tabs/day 1 tab/day...
  19. A

    Test Prop and Anavar Cycle

    Hey guys I am about to start my first cycle of test prop and var. I have been researching for a couple months now and I believe I am ready. I will be using the test prop and var as follows: Test Prop 100mg eod Anavar 50mg ed I plan on doing a 6 week cycle and I wanted to hear everyone's...
  20. The Instrumentalist

    Oral Turinabol

    been reading alot about this stuff lately. would an OTC PCT be appropriate for this, or would I need a SERM? looking at the GP ot....
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