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geneza pharma Mild steroid stack

keep the cycle simple
if you want prop then run it EOD
if you want primo then run 500mgs a week
Did you get prop because you believe in kick starting a cycle? Seeing as prop Is fast acting plus the oral, I think it would be better utilizing test e or test c here let the ester properly build up in the system.

Regardless of utilizing primo or not id make sure you have AI on hand just incase.
So I put together a pretty good mild steroid stack that I got from geneza pharma
just wanted some feedback on what you thought of it.
I’ve got several steroids
anavar, primobolan, testosterone propionate and some tbol
my plan was 200mgs test prop
500mgs primo
and then some anavar to kickstart
I plan on going 12 weeks. Do you think GP has good mild options?

Very reasonable stack, I would consider taking Var with Tbol with greater Pump duration of the training,

GP offers verity mild options. The content you have mentioned is very reasonable.
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