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  1. JimAbs43

    Podcast Underground 29 - Equipoise Bulk with Geneza Pharma Underground 29 - Equipoise Bulk with Geneza Pharma
  2. K

    geneza pharma making dreams come true

    5 years ago I weighed 300 pounds I set out to change my body for good learned about different diet strategies. Tried fasting and got my training consistent geneza pharma provided me some great steroids I used anavar, tren, and test from them not high doses. Now I am 210 pounds, 10% body fat and...
  3. L

    geneza pharma hardcore stacking

    let me tell you something geneza pharma is the real deal! Been using this gear since five weeks ago I’m on test E and tren E doing 250 milligrams of each side effects aren’t as bad as everyone says but let me tell you the gains are incredible I’ve put on about 12 pounds and I get so much...
  4. N

    geneza pharma Mild steroid stack

    So I put together a pretty good mild steroid stack that I got from geneza pharma just wanted some feedback on what you thought of it. I’ve got several steroids anavar, primobolan, testosterone propionate and some tbol my plan was 200mgs test prop 500mgs primo and then some anavar to kickstart I...
  5. A

    Geneza pharma i’m happy

    Cannot complain about my experiences with geneza pharma Have now done 3 cycles with them First 2 times package took 1 week to get to me 3rd time took 5 days only.. Shipped monday and arrived to me saturday The gear itself is perfect. Testosterone, anavar, and primobolan have been my choices. All...
  6. F

    Geneza pharma test E 400?

    Anyone try the geneza pharma test E 400? Seems like It would be perfect for my next cycle since it would only require one cc per week for me to get 400 mg. that would really cut down an injections and it would really be something that would make life easier for me my only question is how...
  7. C

    First time with geneza pharma g2g

    So this is the first time I have ever ordered domestic I always ship internationally I will say geneza pharma was fantastic with their domestic shipping. Got to me super fast. I started on their testosterone and very easy to withdraw and pin with no problems From ordering to my door 6 days...
  8. C

    Geneza pharma anavar with testosterone

    got to be one of the best Cycles I have ever done Using geneza pharma GP anavar 50mgs a day GP test E 250mgs a week I've been on this stack for the past 4 weeks I’m up 7 pounds and looking leaner Started out 205 pounds and now up to 212. Also body fat has dropped atleast 2% Also loving the...
  9. G

    Geneza pharma tren, how to decide?

    So geneza pharma has a lot of tren options They have a GP andromix which contains tren They also have GP TNE GP TrenA100 GP Tren E200 And GP Tri-tren 150 I’ve already used tren ace and tren E and would like to possibly try something new just to see how i react. I’m 36, 195 pounds and 5’6’’. My...
  10. C

    Geneza pharma testosterone and deca

    I’m itching to try a test + deca stack for increased appetite and great recovery from the gym My current weight training sessions are 1 hour and I am going four times a week Curious what would you stack with the DECA in terms of testosterone. should I go with a short Ester or long Esther and how...
  11. JimAbs43

    Podcast Underground 23 - Super lean Super Big with Geneza Pharma Underground 23 - Super lean Super Big with Geneza Pharma
  12. J

    Primobolan100 or 200 Geneza pharma?

    Finished my 3rd cycle First couple Cycles did not go very well I think I was using very underdosed gear This time went with GP which cost a hair more but their reputation was good enough where I was sure I was getting properly dosed products I did 500 mg of testosterone and I did 350mgs of deca...
  13. J

    cut down big time on geneza pharma

    wanted to cut down and get more ripped for the beach, decided to run 3 steroids for cutting. Got their tren ace, winstrol and anavar. Was surprised how affordable this cycle was too. I was able to cut down hard and very happy with my results. I will be back for more in the future to maybe do a...
  14. T

    best feel good stack ever geneza pharma

    decided to do the old school classic bulking cycle of test, deca and dbol. Cannot go wrong with these 3 together. My mood is awesome on it. I jump out of bed in the morning and cannot wait to get to the gym. Also my appetite is crazy good. highly recommend this cycle. ordering is easy got it all...
  15. F

    Rocking hard with geneza pharma

    What a great source geneza pharma Did 2 weeks of dianabol and tbol together 20mgs of each per day Nice little oral cycle. I’ve got 4 weeks left on it Already some amazing pumps and hardness on my frame. When i train my arms i walk out of there feeling like a machine with so much confidence. I...
  16. K

    Geneza pharma testosterone with tren

    Had a question about my next geneza pharma cycle I have a choice of testosterone options, decided to go with the simple GP test cyp. Just wanted to keep things easy As for trenbolone not sure what to use. This is my 2nd time using tren and i would like to run it 10 weeks They have several good...
  17. G

    geneza pharma awesome cycle

    i’m doing GP brand steroid cycle. The products so far do the job well. Doing about 1500mgs a week of steroids. The sides are there but the results speak for themselves. Their service is also on point. Never a problem. always there for you. communication is good they respond in about 24 hours...
  18. G

    Geneza pharma boxed steroids

    Greetings all, i’m looking for geneza pharma products that come in boxes and not in vials or amps basically I live with my in-laws and my wife and they have a habit of opening up my mail by mistake. they are kind of old and don't really know what they're doing. anyway if they open it up and see...
  19. T

    Geneza pharma next goals

    My next goals using geneza pharma is gonna be 8-10 pounds of good quality muscle mass I’m ready to do what it necessary to get there Looking at equipoise as a likely steroid, but also open to going with turinabol, testosterone, or trenbolone too My workouts right now are a 3 day split routine. I...
  20. L

    12 weeks on geneza pharma gear

    Here is the results of my 12 week geneza pharma cycle 🙂 I did the following: Masteron enanthate 500mgs a week Equipoise 800mgs a week Testosterone C 250mgs a week Started out at 205 pounds, ending weight was 211 Body fat estimate by personal trainer was 14% starting out. 12.5% when finished I...
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