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First Cycle, what can i expect?

First cycle with winstrol sustanon should go well.
You need to train hard, eat hard, and cardio hard.
500mgs sustanon 50mgs winstrol.
Noone is going to rip you for asking for help etc... I can tell you that I do not advise any type of steroid use to anyone your age so i cant personally be of help if you are intent on going that route... sarms would be a great option for you but with steroids, you are still too young and you are only going to harm yourself later on in life and knowing that, i cant contribute to that...
I really hope that you do reconsider using steroids at such a young age sir. You really need to learn and think a lot more about this decision
Hi bro, thats what i would go, i was thinkin about 40 MG only for stanozolol, but maybe i eat 50 haha, what can i expect with this deficit low carbs cicle? maybe more lean mass?
Hi, you think i have a good base? and im 24 years old , what can i expect with this cicle? lean mass? thankyou for the comment bro
Hi, thankyou for the comment bro, my goal is be a model fitness, like david laid or Zyzz was, thats my really goal, maybe sounds stupid but... i think with cycles and cheking my health and no drikin alcohol, maybe i can achieve that
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