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Finishing a cycle with winstrol to cut down

This is not enough info. Are you going to PCT or are you on TRT? Assuming you were bulking on this cycle and got a little fluffy?
You don't just stop bulking and jump right to cutting. You slowly bring food down and reach homeostasis for while and then begin to cut.
This plan is ill conceived.
100% agree... vague questions get even vaguer answers... much more info is needed but just based on what is written, doing anything more complex is just a bad idea in general
41 years old, 5’10’’ 189 pounds.
I’m 12 weeks into a test and deca cycle. I am gonna stop both of them and switch to winstrol instead to cut down.
What dosage would you recommend I do of the winstrol and should I stop the deca and test entirely cold turkey or should I keep some test in there going forward? I’m using test cyp.
Can use deca but bf needs to be 10% or less to see winny really shine
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