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Female primobolan dosaging

Hello I'm 5'3 and I am 117 lb
A girlfriend of mine is really big in a body building she suggested that I'm trying primobolan and do 100mgs per week
now my question is should I split the dosage and do it twice a week 50 mg or do I just do one of those 100 mg total?
my goals are for more lean muscle mass and also to burn some body fat too
start low 40-60mg weekly can bump up
If it were me I would do 50 mg in one injection a week for your first cycle. Then step up to the 100 mg point in 25 mg increments per cycle.

On a side note you may want to warn your significant other as my wife's sex drive goes through the roof with primo compared to anavar, but she increases her weights more with the Anavar. This cycle she is trying Primo at 50 mg a week and then 5 mg of Anavar pre workout only.
I agree with Steve, 50mg per week is a good dose for most females. Just make sure you have legit primo so make sure you order from Domestic-Supply.
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